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Tips on Sharing Your Testimony

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A testimony is how a follower of Christ shares with others what God has done, is doing, and/or hopes God will do in their lives in the future. These are usually very personal and meaningful events and points in the life of the believer.

At the Watchnight Service there will be an opportunity for such sharing. In order to allow as many people as possible to share each person will only have to 3-5 minutes to share which means one should be as organized and concise as possible.

A testimony can include, but not necessarily have every one of the elements listed below. Please feel free to focus on just one or two points.

1. One can share how they accepted Christ as their personal Savior, i.e. the sharing of the Gospel by a family member or friend in word & deed. This could be very meaningful especially for those who have recently accepted Christ as Savior and/or for those who have yet to receive Christ. Feel free to start with another event as the Lord leads.

2. One can share about a special blessing they have received in 2014, i.e. it could be a result of a difficult time in your life - illness or loss, or through a joyous event – such as a special answer to prayer, an unexpected provision, a marriage, a birth, etc.

3. One can share about special spiritual lessons they have learned as God worked faithfully in their life in 2014, i.e. God’s faithfulness, love, or timing, etc.

4. One can share about a special work they hope God will do in their life, i.e. help keep a special commitment such as to share the Gospel with family and friends and so forth. The prayer is to have a wonderful time of sharing and bonding as God is magnified and glorified.

Please note that you can choose to give your testimony via video or have your written testimony read by an appointed person. But, you must submit your video or written testimony to Carrie Chow ( no later than 12 noon, Tuesday, 23 December 2014. We regret that on the day of the Watchnight Service we will not be able to accept, receive, or play any video or read any written testimonies due to time and technical preparation limitations. Thank you for your kind understanding.