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Thian Chye's Testimony (Joshua 24:14-15)

1. Thian Chye, at the church camp, you gave a passionate sharing of what God had been doing in your life. Could you share with us what the Lord did to lead you to serve as the camp commandant?

When I came back to GBC in 2009, there was always this struggle of service in church. Even though I was approached to serve since from 2009 to 2013, I just couldn't bring myself to serve God due my low self esteem. I was depressed over the failure of my business.

In Nov 2013, I was approached to serve in camp committee as Camp Commandant. I saw the needs in the camp but refused to serve Him because if I serve in camp committee, I would have to reduce my 13 hours of driving which meant less income. I also couldn't accept that I was only a taxi driver. I told God that there are many more available and capable church members than me, why choose me? T

Then one day in mid Nov 2013, I *received a verse from a Christian website (I used to receive Bible verses for the last 5 yrs the service stopped in Jan 2013) This is the verse: Joshua 24:14-15-- The Lord rebuked me: If you refuse to serve Me, then choose for yourself this day whom you shall serve." I was stunned and felt fearful because this verse. As I meditated on these 2 verses, Holy Spirit convicted me of idolatry in my life, that is my "Taxi Driving" During the last 3yrs taxi, work, or my driving had become an idol in my Christian life.

The reasons are simple: I want my job (my family main source of income to put food on the table and also fulfill financial obligations) more than I want God. You could say that I loved money (even though I had valid reasons) more than I loved God! Finally I surrendered to God by serving Him in the camp committee and by faith let God take charge of my low self-esteem, monthly financial obligations, my taxi driving hrs and income.

* Note: since that day I have not received any Bible verse from this website to this date.



2. How did God call you to turn from idols and serve Him? What is the lesson there that you would like to share with everyone else?

The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins and pointed to the question: Are You willing to serve Me (God) or idols? The Spirit convinced me that service unto Him is a privilege and honour. I just responded to His calling by committing my life to Him unconditionally. Since then I have this joyof the Lord flowing from my heart. I want to encourage fellow members to serve God in whatever areas He is calling you but remember we must be committed in our service to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

3. You shared sincerely from Joshua 24:14-15. Why is this verse so important to you?

It is important to me because when I refuse to serve God unknowningly I was actually serving my idol(s) or gods as mentioned in the 2 verses. That is why God used Joshua 24:14/15 to rebuke and challenge me. I pray that members of GBC will take heed of my testimony and examine our hearts to see if there are any idol(s) in our life such as our studies, job, family, children, hobbies or anything that is taking 1st place in our life rather than Christ our Lord.

4. What is God calling you to do for Him after church camp? How can we pray for you in the days ahead?

As I shared during the camp, when our hearts are on fire for God we want to stretch our time and energy for Him. That is why while I was still serving as camp commandant, I took on the role of CG Leader and also got involved in the CG Ministry. Please pray that I will always be a clean and willing vessel for the Lord's use, ever ready to serve when called upon by Him. 

5. How can we pray for Grace Baptist Church after church camp?

Pray that 1) we will be disciplined in maintaining a daily devotional life with the Lord by praying and seeking Him through His Word). 2) Ask God for strength (Phil 4:13) to fulfill what we have written on our commitment cards. 3) Together, (including non-campers) as a Church "We Will Serve The Lord!"

Then GBC will become a revived church of Jesus Christ that is not lukewarm or cold but on fire for God.