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The CG Ministry @ GBC for 2015

What is happening in the CG Ministry for 2015?

The Grace Baptist Church Vision Statement is “a disciple-making church that transforms lives with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.” The CG Ministry (CGM) is a key part of how we as a church can grow together towards our vision. The emphasis for the CGM is the spiritual growth of each member in context of a church community. And to do this we aim to train and equip current and potential CG leaders to better lead, teach and care for their members.

To this end, our goals for the CGM for 2015 are:

  1. To care for and equip CG Leaders to read the Bible better and care for their CG members well;
  2. To raise new CG Leaders who will be able to better lead and care for CG members;
  3. To deepen community in CGs as an application of our love for one another in the church; and
  4. To strengthen the CGM before the church move off-site as part of the church rebuilding.

Why are we studying Paul’s Letter to the Philippians?

As part of helping the church grow in Christ-like maturity, we will be studying Paul’s Letter to the Philippians for the first half of 2015. Paul’s big idea for the Letter to the Philippians is that “the Philippian Christians can rejoice in the midst of suffering and opposition because of Jesus Christ, and they can complete Paul’s joy by progressing in the faith and striving for unity in the Gospel.” We hope that through our study of the Letter to the Philippians, we can value deeply Jesus Christ as the treasure that he is; we can grow and progress in our faith; and we can nurture a community that is established on the fellowship of the gospel. I anticipate and pray that God will use this study for the transformation of lives and the strengthening of community in our CGs, so that as a church body we will better represent Jesus Christ to the world, for the glory of God.

By Pastor Oliver