The Art of Parenting: Part 2 (Sep-Nov 23)


Pastor Mark will be conducting an EQUIP series on The Art of Parenting over six Sundays from September to November 2023. These six sessions will be held from 11am–12pm on 17 September, 8, 15 and 22 October, 5 and 12 November. 

This is the second part of this series. The first part was conducted in 2022, and the recordings can be found here

There are two ways that members can participate in this. Firstly, for parents who would like to attend the talk, to facilitate planning and logistics, please indicate your interest via this form: In the same form, please also indicate if childcare is required. 

Secondly, we are looking for volunteers to care for the children of parents who are attending the sessions. Volunteers need not commit to all six sessions -- helping out at just one session is also possible. Volunteers will need to help set up the rooms from 10.30 am onwards and we expect the parents to pick their children up by 12.15pm. If you’re willing and available, please sign up at:

Please feel free to reach out to Yanadi (regarding the EQUIP session) or Siew Ting (regarding childcare) if you have any questions or concerns.