Testimony of Lam Lup Meng


We thank God for Elder Lup Meng's faithfulness and obedience in answering God's call to continue to serve the community at GBC as an elder. He shares with us his testimony and the lessons he learnt the past three years.

I was born in Malaysia and received Christ while attending university in the US. When moving to the US, I was received by a Malaysian and Singaporean Christian fellowship group led by a full time staff from the Navigators. They had helped me to settle down in the university, renting an apartment and many other things. 

I was attracted to the way this group of people responded to life and how they always seemed joyful even in the midst of difficult circumstances at school, and joined them in their weekly fellowship meetings. Not long after, one of the leaders invited me to do a one-to-one Bible study on the book of John to help me understand more clearly the work of Christ and the reason for His life, death and resurrection. At the same time, God had been working in my life to be more aware of my innate sinfulness and my need for a Saviour. After some internal struggle of not wanting to give up control of my own life, God broke through my stubborn heart and I accepted Christ and got baptised soon after. 

After graduation, I got a job here in Singapore and my colleague at that time brought me to GBC as he was attending the church. That was back in 1996 and I have been a member of GBC since then. 

lup-meng-familyDuring the past 25 years, GBC has been a home for me in many ways. It is where I have grown in spiritual maturity through the ministry of His word taught at the pulpit, at the CGs and through various discipling relationships. It is also where I met my wife, where we have been married for 20 years and where our two children grew up and are now part of the youth group. It is also where I’ve served in the worship ministry for many years, where the Lord has taught and guided me on how to indeed worship Him in Spirit and in truth both privately and corporately as a body of Christ. It is also a place where I’ve witnessed many who are faithful in serving Him and have given me much encouragement in my faith journey in Christ. 

I am grateful to God and to the church community for the opportunity to serve as an elder for the past three years. Over this period, I have witnessed how the Lord has blessed us with many new believers and members. I have also learnt many valuable lessons which remind me of God’s sovereign hand at work even through the pandemic. Indeed, the Lord never stops working, even though the church has had to suspend meeting in-person for some time. God’s Spirit is at work in and through the lives of His people and it has been a privilege to serve Him where He is working. I am excited, Lord willing, to continue serving in this capacity along with the fellow elders as we seek to honour Him and equip His people in this community for the work of the gospel. 

My prayer is that I will be obedient to Christ wherever He is calling me, and for GBC to be strengthened in her faith in Christ as each one serves Him within this community in the areas that God has uniquely gifted them in.