Testimony of Mok Chuan-Xin


Mok Chuan-Xin shares with us how he came to faith in Christ and his heart for the church after serving as an elder for the past three years.This sharing was originally provided as a part of the Elders' elections at the English Congregational Meeting. 

I am Chuan-Xin and I am married to Peixian. We have two daughters Yiqian and Yirou. My parents are Bruce and Doris Mok, and my brother Chuan-Hao, his wife Melisse and their children all worship in GBC. I currently work in the finance industry.

I don’t have a conversion story to speak of as I grew up in GBC, but I count that as a blessing that God has never been far from me throughout my life. I have been surrounded and ministered to by the community of GBC be it friends, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, pastors, ushers, and now as I am older, other parents, the
children that we teach. Through their teaching, examples and counsel, I have come to be convicted of my sinful nature, lead to salvation through belief in Christ and to then encouraged to answer the Lord’s calling to serve him in Church. So my faith in Christ is
a product of the Holy Spirit working through this village called GBC that has helped to raise me; and I continue to grow in my walk with the Lord alongside you.

Over the past three years as an elder, my family and I have had the opportunity to get deeper into this community despite the pandemic. In my duties, we’ve met many new faces, connected with older ones and I am really thankful to see the Lord’s work in this church. In particular I have learned a great deal from both past and present elders such as about being prayerful in all things, generous in hospitality and vulnerable and honest with our struggles in faith but most importantly I have been encouraged to be faithful to the gospel. I am very humbled that the elders have put me up for a second term.

Peixian and I have enjoyed serving in the children’s ministry, and we hope to continue serving in this capacity with a hope of discipling not just the children but also teachers and parents; or wherever there is a need in the church. We sensed God’s continued call for me to serve as an elder and hence agreed for me to take up the recommendation.

The next few years for our church will likely be filled with uncertainty as the pandemic
prolongs and we look to regather as church with the easing of restrictions. Through all this I continue to be encouraged by Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” And I pray that you will be encouraged by it to as we work together to build up this local body of Christ.