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Testimony of Chong Kang Wei


On 20 March, we will be asked to affirm Chong Kang Wei as one of the Directors for GBC for a term of 3 years starting 1 April. Here, Kang Wei shares with us how God has called him to Himself and to serve Him.

My name is Kang Wei (康威) and I am a recipient of God’s grace and mercy to whom I can offer only my broken worship and gratitude. Yet this generous Creator God has adopted me into His family, accorded me the privilege to call Him Father, and reminds me that He is only a prayer away. Hallelujah!  

I was born in Singapore and was on my quest for happiness, prosperity and progress (for myself), obliviously hell-bound, until God intervened. These interventions took time, through my school years, to wrestle the unholy trinity of me, myself and I, to bend the knee and yield the throne back to King Jesus. God has opened my eyes and I recognise this as the idol of worldliness which I now regard as enemy.

GBC has been a big part of this personal rescue plan. Because of EC member Aunty Ken Ny’s witness at her workplace, my aunt Poh Suan came to know the Lord, who in turn brought my mum Chuo Soong (CC) to this church. That was how I came to GBC when I was 5, and it was here that I was baptised at 20. Mine is a story of faithful men and women witnessing for Jesus at work and at home and discipling one another in a covenantal community. Many of you have and are still investing in my life and I praise God for all of you. You have shown me generosity and demonstrated what adoption into the family of God is like.

I belong to batch 1984 and I grew up with Mok Chuan Xin, Teoh Zhi Ern, Jonathan Chee, Liu Jiamin, Francine Lui, Su Xiuhui, Vivien Goh, He Yingying, Gideon Ooi, Kiew Heng Wei and Tan Wei En. Xiuhui is now my wife and a full-time “minister of home affairs”. We have two girls, Jiayin 佳音 (8) and Jiaxi 佳希 (5). I was in business school at NUS and Fudan, began my career in IT at Oracle, and I have been in sales for a data analytics start-up (a Singtel subsidiary) for the last 5 years, overseeing the commercial activities of Singapore and Thailand. The workplace has been my mission field.

Kang Wei with his mother (Chuo Soong), wife (Xiuhui) and their two girls (Jiayin on the left and Jiaxi on the right).

God directs me to the church’s needs and grows me through my service. At various seasons, I’ve served as a youth group leader and as a Sunday school teacher, co-founded and led 4 distinct care groups, and am currently serving with the welcome team on Sundays.

When God calls, He will enable, and my family will trust Him. “…Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Jos 24:15) We are choosing obedience by my acceptance of the nomination as a member of the Board of GBC. Personally, as the head of my household, it is a step for me to lead by example. I look forward to serving God and to love the church together with the Congregation Leaders.

Even as I obey, I struggle with inadequacy and man’s approval. I covet your prayers that I may fear God more, that “He must increase; I must decrease” (Jn 3:30), be found competent, and have joy in service.


If you are a member of GBC and would like to find out more about the role of a Director or have questions for Kang Wei, there will be a Town Hall Q&A session on 6 Mar 2021 (Saturday) at 1.30pm. The Town Hall session will be conducted over Zoom at:

You are also encouraged to submit your questions to one week before the Town Hall meeting.