Testimony of Beh Soo Hee


Beh Soo Hee shares with us how he came to faith, how he came to be a part of Grace Baptist Church, and how he has been trusting God as a member of this church even as he served in various ministries. This sharing was originally provided as a part of the Elders' elections at the English Congregational Meeting. 

My name is Beh Soo Hee (aka Beh). My wife is Kit Wan. Samuel, our eldest, is married to Jessica and God has blessed them with Josiah and Ezra. Daniel and Joy together with Sarah with Adam complete our family.

I grew up with 5 brothers and 3 sisters, and we had been left to our own devices from young and developed a great sense of independence. It was because of this sense of self-reliance that I did not see the need for God.

However, even in my state of self-dependence, God continued to call me. One day, a thought (or the prompting of the Holy Spirit?) came to me, when I asked myself: if I were to believe what the history books tell us about Alexander the Great, what about the Jesus Christ that the history books recorded for us? After this realisation, I began my search. I eventually surrendered and committed my life to Jesus during the Billy Graham Crusade in 1978. Shortly after, I left for the UK for my tertiary education. Being on a limited budget, I experienced God’s abundant provision, and the love that God’s people showed by dedicating their time and resources to help students like me. Being part of a Christian community was an important part of my Christian walk as we cared and encouraged one another.

Returning to Singapore, GBC was the first and only church Kit Wan and I visited. In His provision, we met an ex-schoolmate and he introduced me to his care group, which we attended for 20 years. We benefited from the expository preaching from the Bible at GBC and the warm loving fellowship of His people, especially our CG members.

As with many young adults in their career building phase, I became caught up with work, and became just a Sunday worshipper who attended Sunday services but was involved in little else. God convicted me, and I changed jobs so that I could serve him. Since then, He provided me with jobs which allowed me to serve Him in various ministries including the young adults, evangelism and care group.

I was first exposed to being a leader in GBC when I was invited to serve as a director, which I did for 6 years. As a director, I could see first-hand the burdens our elders carried and the sacrifices they made to serve our living God. After my 2 terms as director ended, the leaders asked me to assist with the church rebuilding project. This took me on another exciting chapter. I was also involved in the Pastoral Search Committee, where I realised how difficult it is to get pastors, and the importance in appreciating our own pastors.

As the rebuilding project drew to a close, the leaders invited me to be an elder. There was great reluctance initially on my part to respond to the call, partly because of the great expectations placed on elders, but also because of my fear of not being able to live up to those expectations. After a period of much searching, God convicted me that He will enable me to serve Him in whatever capacity He has called me to. After much prayer, and with strong support from my family, I agreed to make myself available to His calling.

I served for 6 years before stepping down as required in our constitution. It was a much needed break. During this time, I was able to better appreciate how much our leaders sacrificed to serve Him. The leaders have now invited me to serve GBC as an elder. I do feel inadequate but again I was reminded that He is our enabler and He will provide. Having had full support from the family, we agree to put myself up as a candidate to serve Him and GBC as an elder. His work is never complete and it will be a privilege to be called to serve Him and GBC as an elder for the next 3 years.