Tell Me the Story of Jesus Devotional: Interview with our elders

For the past 2 weeks, the "Tell Me the Story of Jesus" Devotional has been distributed before and after our weekly services. A 31-day prayer journal for the month of October, this devotional is meant to complement and prepare GBC worshippers for the Reformation Concert that will be held on 28-29 October. In this blog post, we interviewed Elder Beh Soo Hee, on behalf of the Elders and Pastors, to have them share more about this prayer devotional. 

1. Hi Elder Beh! So, why a prayer journal? Could you tell us what inspired this? 

While we were doing the planning for the concert, we were pondering how we can have the whole church to come alongside in this concert. We concluded that there is no better way for everyone to participate, than to pray! The Young Adults did a prayer journal during their retreat last year, and we thought the church as a whole can benefit from a similar guide to help them pray for the concert. So the challenge was given to them to put this journal together.

This devotional has contributions from the pastors and the elders and a number of the young adults. There is devotion for each day in October and will take one through the story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, which is the theme of the concert. I must add that the Young Adults did a very good job in putting this devotional together.

2. What does the church hope to do with this?

God has laid in our hearts to have the concert. We also know that prayer is the breath & the lifeline for each Christian. This journal takes us through the theme of the concert and we hope that each worshipper will get a copy, and use it to pray for and prepare for this concert, whether or not they're singing or playing for it.

As mentioned, the journal will start in October, it takes the form of a daily devotional that will take 10-20 minutes each day. It has been designed to be suitable for individual use, and also in a group or a family. We hope that this can also spark family conversations and devotions too. For those of us who keep a regular Quiet Time, this devotional will supplement whatever materials you are using. But, if you are like me and struggle to keep a regular QT, we hope this will help us rediscover the joy of spending regular quality QT with our risen Saviour. Can you imagine God’s response as we come to Him together to pray for the concert?

3. What has been your personal experience with this prayer journal?

This has been an enriching experience so far. I have also been greatly encouraged by the many amongst us whom God has gifted and is willing to use this gift to serve Him. I look forward to God speaking to me and everyone one of us as we go take this journey.


Copies of this devotional (free of charge) are available on Sunday, before and after the worship service. Remember to collect them if you haven't already done so!