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Talking about God on Tuesdays

Meeting on Tuesdays

How do you usually spend your Tuesday evenings? For most of us, it may be like how we spend most weeknights – resting after a long day at work/school, hanging out with friends and family, or spending time with the children and reviewing their homework. Yet, for a period of 7 weeks, a group from GBC and their friends met on Tuesday nights to tackle questions people might have about the Christian faith.
Tuesday Enquiry May 2019 2
Called the "Tuesday Enquiry Group" (TEG), these 7 weeks were split into 2 parts, featuring a combination of apologetics and Bible studies. The first part focused on the nature of God. Drawing from a mixture of sources, including secular ones such as science and philosophy, the sessions tried to encourage all to think deeper about what they believed and why. The second part focused on understanding the Gospel as the Bible presents it. Often, people have a different understanding of what the gospel is. Non-Christians (and even some Christians) may not have had the chance to see how truths have been derived from the Bible itself. Thus, these sessions hoped to provide an opportunity for people to have a chance to read the Bible for themselves.

Who were those who came 

At this point, you might be curious about who came for these sessions. Or you might be thinking that it’s “not your kind of thing”. The planning team also had similar worries and every week was a lesson in faith that had to be learnt and relearnt. But we thank God that a total of 43 individuals of different backgrounds and interests have spent time with us over these past 7 weeks!

Tuesday Enquiry May 2019Who were the people that came?

1. We thank God for the Christian and non-Christian with questions

Pastor and writer Tim Keller has once described the importance of addressing doubt using this analogy: “A faith without some doubts is like a human body with no antibodies in it. People who blithely go through life too busy or indifferent to ask the hard questions about why they believe as they do will find themselves defenseless against either the experience of tragedy or the probing questions of a smart skeptic.”

At these TEG sessions, the goal was not to convert anyone. After all, conversion is not something we can achieve by human efforts. The intention was to provide an opportunity for all present to articulate their questions, and to hear a reasonable defense of the Christian faith. In both secular spheres and the church, such opportunities can be rare. We are thankful for each person that came with their questions and were willing to hear an explanation of God, man’s sin, and the hope and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Pray that the seeds sown will one day bear fruit, that our non-Christian friends will come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for the Christians who came, that the Spirit will give understanding and that the church they’re committed to will encourage them in their pursuit of Jesus, the Truth.

2. We thank God for the Christians who brought a friend (or two)

Like the Christians in Acts who cannot help but speak of all that they know, we thank God that most of the non-Christians who came came with a Christian friend! We were encouraged by this because this meant that before each session, some conversation about God and the gospel has already taken place. This is also encouraging because the non-Christians who came would also have a personal relationship with a Christian, a friend whom they could ask their questions of, and someone they could observe the gospel up close.

Pray for these relationships and conversations that are going on in schools, workplaces, over coffee, Whatsapp, social media etc. Pray for Christians to be bold and ready to give a defense for the faith in a gentle and winsome manner.

3. We thank God for the Christians who came with a heart to learn

We’ve all experienced our invitation to evangelistic events being declined. But this did not stop some from coming to learn and to be equipped! Often, we think of evangelistic events as only for non-Christians.

But these can also be great equipping sessions as we listen to the questions that people have and learn to answer it in a simple and clear manner.

Pray for these Christians as they take the gospel to their workplaces, schools and family. Pray for discernment to identify opportunities to speak, and a courage to speak when the time comes.

Do you identify with any one of these groups? Do you know someone who fits in these categories? The TEG has ended this run, but the team plans to hold another session in the second half of the year. In the meantime, why not check out the many evangelism opportunities available in GBC?