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Stones that are Alive!

Everyone knows that stones are not alive, right? In fact, stones are just about the most unalive things I can think of. (Ok, so ‘unalive’ is not a proper word, but you know what I mean.) So why does Peter say in the verse below that we are like living stones?

“you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house…” (1 Peter 2:5)

Well, it’s ok to be a stone, because Peter said that even Jesus was like a stone (1 Pet 2:6). Not just any stone though, but a special kind of stone called a cornerstone. A cornerstone is the most important stone in a building because it is the one that makes sure all the other stones are lined up in place next to it. All the other stones have to follow the position of the cornerstone. If they do not the house will not be strong and may even fall down, just like when you play Jenga and the bricks become out of line – eventually the tower will topple.

What is this 'spiritual house' that Peter was talking about? Could it be the church? People think that the church is just a building, but it’s much more than that. God’s church is actually us! Yes, it’s made of people! The walls of a church building are made of stones, and guess what the walls are made of in God’s people-church? That’s right – people like us! That’s why we are called ‘living stones’, because together we make up the walls of the church, and Jesus is the cornerstone who keeps us safe and strong. Each of us is a living stone because Jesus lives in our hearts and we build our lives of faith on Him.

I am so glad to be a living stone lying right next to Jesus! Aren’t you?

Living stones