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Sign Up for Church Camp

Registration for church camp has started last Sunday (you can sign up here), and we ask Elder Lup Meng why do we have church camp and why should we sign up for church camp this year?

Why do we have church camp?

We learnt over the past year in 2018 that being in Christ also means belonging to a local body of believers, where we can serve and love others as well as receive the love and care from others. Indeed, God’s love is demonstrated and manifested through the love of His people in the church. We all belong in this family of God expressed in the local church here at GBC.

As a family, it is important to take some time out of our regular routine and go on an extended break together to rest, reconnect and encourage each other in the faith. The church camp offers a unique opportunity to be away from our regular responsibilities and constraints of our daily lives and engage in a focused time of forging gospel community that is Christ-centered and loving. Spending these few days in a church camp, away from our familiar environments, studying God’s word together, having true fellowship with one another and praying with and for one another, allow us to experience in a fresh way what living in a gospel community should be like even as we learn to trust God more by trusting those He has placed in our community.   

What is your best memories from past camps?

Ironically, the best memories of past church camps always involved some sort of crisis or another. I remember a camp where the water supply was cut and there was no water to take a shower for two days. There was also a camp where many came down with mild food poisoning after the first day. Yet another where someone had lost the passport and could not get back to Singapore. In all these incidents and difficulties,  I had seen God’s Spirit at work in the church. There was tremendous patience, love and concern shown to those afflicted which can only be attributed to God’s Spirit permeating the hearts of the people in the camp. These memories have a lasting impact on me and serves as a reminder to me of what true gospel community is like and fleshed out in the lives of God’s people.  

What is your hope for the coming camp?

The theme for GBC in 2019 is “Grace Together” and that is also the theme for the camp this year. It’s my prayer that this will be a time of spiritual growth for us and that we will learn what it means to do life together as a church since we have received the same grace of God in Christ Jesus. I also hope that campers will go out of our comfort zone and stretch ourselves to forge deeper relationships with one another, to really encourage one another in the faith and also to love and good deeds, as written in Heb 10:24-25.  

What would you say to those who are hesitant about attending the camp?

There may be many different reasons why some may be hesitant, but I would encourage everyone to come to the camp in faith that the Lord will bless our time together. It is indeed a commitment and a sacrifice of your time and comfort, but it is worth it because it does have eternal value. There will be discomfort and pain as we seek to grow in faith, but God has given us true joy in the finished work of Christ. As we seek to honour Him through serving, loving and encouraging one another in the body,  I am confident that God will work mightily in and through GBC at this camp. 

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