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Sharing by Mak and Narola Sanglir

Hi church,

Yesterday we had a wonderful sharing from Mak and Narola Sanglir, our church's missionaries who serve with their family in Northern Thailand. The key thrust of Mak's message was that discipleship starts with evangelism.

Mak shared with us how the Gospel of John uses the repeated motif of people coming to Jesus and seeing: in Jesus calling His first disciples (John1:39), Philip calling Nathanael (John 1:46), the Samaritan woman calling her neighbours (John 4:29), people came to Jesus and saw that He is the Son of God and believed in Him.

Likewise, the man born blind said: "One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see" (John 9:25). While Jesus restored not just this man's physical sight but also his ability to see Jesus as God and Lord.

We were born in sin, but Jesus took our sins, bearing the penalty for them, and now we can see, we can live. Are we, as Christians, willing to carry on this mission of calling others to come to Jesus and seeing Him for who He is?

Also, a true follower of Christ should not only gather knowledge of God or the Bible, but has to also share this knowledge with others. Mak challenged us with the image of the Dead Sea, which has many rivers flowing into it but no outlet. A Christian life with only input but no corresponding output will become a dead life.

Mak and Narola emulate for us how a Christian's life should look like. They previously served as church planters in Nepal and now run a home for Hmong youth in Pua, Thailand, as part of their outreach and evangelism ministry there. They have been serving God faithfully through overseas missions for some 33 years.

If you would like to know more about how to support Mak and Narola and their ministry, please contact any member of our church's Missions Committee, or contact a member of the DS Committee who can put you in touch with the Missions Committee.

The DS Committee