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Serving Grace Together

Do you know that there are more than 20 ministries in GBC that we can serve in? Matthew Seah shares how a workshop during camp provides insight on the many different ways that we can serve. 

On the second night of this year's church camp, Pastor Samel Beh kick started that night’s workshop by recounting one of his experiences while in the army: 

Army Sergeant: Gentlemen, I need a volunteer.

Soldiers: -silence-

Army Sergeant: Gentlemen, when I ask for a volunteer, I want all of you to raise up your hand. Now, I need a volunteer.

Soldiers: -all raise hands-

Army Sergeant: Good! All of you have initiative!

Is volunteering to serve in church any different from volunteering for that army sergeant? Surely yes! But how so? And why? Helmed by Pastor Sam and Carrie, one of our full-time support staff, the workshop sought to answer these questions. Campers heard from representatives of various ministries in GBC about how they were serving God’s people in GBC, the joys and challenges of ministry as well as how the church could be supporting and praying for them.  

Special focus was given to ministries in church that often served 'behind the scenes' and away from the attention of most. For example, the first pair of representatives, Miauw Suang and Chee Leong, served in ministries that were not very well-known by much of GBC. Miauw Suang serves in the 'Golden Girls' ministry for over 18 years, faithfully conducting Bible studies with her team for a group of elderly ladies of 60 to 90 years of age. Her husband, Chee Leong, serves in the church’s facilities management committee tirelessly working with his team and other church members from the Chinese Congregation to ensure that the church building is in tip-top condition. The couple shared some heartwarming moments, such as when Chee Leong gave up the use of the family car for Miauw Suang on Wednesday for her Bible studies. They also shared about some challenges and prayer points, including the importance of unity between the English and Chinese congregations in facilities management and the need for more people to serve alongside them.  

church-camp-2019-miauw-suangMiauw Suang and Chee Leong encouraged more to serve alongside them.

Another ministry that was in the spotlight was that of a recently started babysitting ministry, represented by Sarah Tang. Sarah shared how this ministry started off from she and her team offering to take care of the children of young parents when those parents had to attend church events like EQUIP. The team has been steadily growing and serving faithfully by expertly caring for the young children in our church so that their parents could find time to rest and enjoy community. However, the team is still looking for more people (especially guys) to serve with them. They would also like prayer for wisdom to model the gospel well for the children under their care.

church-camp-2019-sarah-tangSarah (left) with her small group during camp.

church-camp-2019-benjamin-jonathanBenjamin and Jonathan shared about their ministry in AV and Para-church respectively. There were also sharing by Winnie (Floral Team), Claire (Eldership and Deaconship) and Siang Teck (First Impressions and Assimilation).

During the workshop, the campers were also introduced to the many (more than 20!) ministries that members could serve in, these include:

At the end of the workshop, campers were given the chance to write small notes of appreciation to different ministries and individuals, expressing our gratitude to God for their faithful service despite the many challenges they face. Notes of encouragement and thanksgiving were exchanged with the help of our camp committee members. 

All in all, the workshop challenged our campers to think more about how different people in church have been serving in so many different ways based on the diversity of gifts and opportunities provided for them by God (1 Cor 12:7). As we seek to live out 'Grace Together', let us also consider how we can appreciate, pray for and join those who are already serving.