Sermon Schedule for September 2017

The gospel exploded across the Mediterranean Sea. In our series of messages in Acts so far, we saw the gospel on its expansion to end of the earth as promised in Acts 1:8. We saw Paul and Barnabas starting on their First Missionary Journey when the church in Antioch sent them out as directed by the Holy Spirit. Along the way, we learnt what the gospel is and saw its mighty power to save.

In our coming messages in September, we will see the conclusion of Paul’s first Missionary Journey. We will also see questions being raised because of Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles. How can one be saved? How is the relationship between Christians of Jewish and Gentile background going to look like? This is resolved by the Council at Jerusalem where the question of how one can be saved is clarified, and the Council recognising that God has included both Jew and Gentile in his salvation plan. The church received the decision with joy. Paul, with gospel resolve, then started on his Second Missionary Journey to take the gospel further afield to the Gentiles.

On Sunday 17 September 2017, we will take a break from our series in Acts. Together with our Chinese congregation, we will gather on this day to celebrate God’s grace in providing us a  new building and facilities with a Thanksgiving and Dedication Service. So, let’s come together as a  church to give thanks to our glorious God.

As a church, let us ask that the Holy Spirit be our teacher and guide as we hear God’s Word preached. For those who would like to read up and pray for our pastors and speakers as they prepare their sermons, here is the sermon schedule for September 2017:

 Date  Sermon Title   Sermon Text
3 Sep  ​​“When We Speak” Acts 14:1-28
 10 Sep “The Unadjusted Gospel” Acts 15:1-35
17 Sep Thanksgiving and Dedication Service  “God is a Generous Giver " Romans 8:28-39
 24 Sep   “Singing in the Dark” Acts 16:11-40