Sermon Schedule for March 2017

We have spent the past two months in the book of Acts. We have seen how God fulfils his plan of rescuing a people for himself through the Spirit-empowered, bold witness of the church.

As the early disciples proclaimed salvation in Jesus’ name, God brought many to faith in Christ. The early church started as a reform movement within the existing Jewish religion. The early believers continued to worship at the temple, recognising that Jesus is the promised Christ of the Jewish Scriptures. They continued to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and their lives made the gospel attractive – they loved, served and shared all they had with one another. However, the gospel caused some within the religious establishment to be greatly annoyed and led to the first opposition to the message of Jesus Christ. The early disciples stood firm and continued to declare Jesus Christ as Lord, and God continued to add to the church.

At Grace Baptist Church, we want to live lives that adorn the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also desire to be a church that faithfully declares the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For those who would like to read up and perhaps pray for our pastors and speakers as they prepare their sermons, here is the sermon schedule for March 2017:



 Sermon Title 

 Sermon Text

 5 Mar

“The Deception of Ownership"

Acts 4:32-5:11

 12 Mar

“Support from Surprising Sources”

Acts 5:12-42

 19 Mar

“The Word of God Continued to Increase”

Acts 6:1-7

 26 Mar 

“An Inconvenient Truth”

Acts 6:8-8:1a