Sermon Schedule for July 2017

Our sermons in June showed how the gospel started to extend beyond Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria. We saw how persecution, rather than extinguishing the faith, instead scattered the believers and gave them the opportunity to tell many others of the good news of Jesus Christ. Philip’s sharing of the gospel with the Samaritans and the Ethiopian eunuch caused the good news to extend beyond ethnicities. And we saw how Saul, once a persecutor of the church, was converted through the grace and initiative of God. What wonderful examples of God’s amazing grace! We also learned about the need for obedience as part of our discipleship to Jesus Christ.

For our series of messages in July, we are delighted to have Jonathan Leeman, here as part of the 9Marks Conference “What is a Healthy Church?”, as our guest speaker for 16 July. He will be speaking from Psalm 72. For the rest of the month we will continue with our series in Acts. We will see that the gospel crossed ethnic and racial boundaries as the good news spread to the Gentiles and to the rest of Asia Minor. More and more people came to receive the good news of Jesus as the Holy Spirit moved the church to witness boldly for Christ.

As a church, let us ask that the Holy Spirit will teach us and change us as we hear God’s word to us, so that we too can be witnesses for Jesus Christ wherever we are. For those who would like to read up in advance and pray for our pastors and speakers as they prepare their sermons, here is the sermon schedule for July 2017:



 Sermon Title 

 Sermon Text

 2 Jul

​​“What an Apostle Does and What’s It Got to Do with Us?”

Acts 8:9-25

 9 Jul

 "What in the World is God Doing?"

Acts 10:1-48

16 Jul

"Are You a Wannabe God?"

Psalm 72 

 23 Jul 

 "The Church Deals with Change"

Acts 11:1-18

30 Jul

"The First Church Plant"

Acts 11:19-30