Sermon Schedule: Advent – Rejoice!


We end this year with our Advent series in the book of Psalms which will take us through Psalm 96 to Psalm 100. These psalms of praise call God’s people to rejoice, for the Lord has come to save. He rules as King over all the earth. He is holy and worthy of all praise and glory.

Major Themes

These psalms point to God’s glory, displayed in His perfections and attributes. He is holy, righteous, steadfast in His love, and faithful, etc. These songs will also remind and show us again how the Lord is King and He comes to save. His people respond in grateful worship, for those whom He has saved belong to Him. They praise Him, singing to the Lord a new song.


What do the pastors hope we learn through this series? The aims are:

  • To exalt God.
  • To show how God is glorified in salvation, and how He alone is worthy of worship.
  • To evangelise the lost, calling them to turn to God and worship Him.
  • To encourage God’s people to rejoice in Him.

This is the sermon schedule for the series: