Sermon Schedule: Body Building

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We begin 2023 with a short series in 1 Corinthians 12 to 14, titled "Body Building". 

In 1 Corinthians, Paul writes about spiritual gifts. Concerning the use of spiritual gifts, Paul emphasizes three key truths about Christians in the church -- who we are in relation to one another, how we should relate to one another and what we should do when we gather with one another. The church, which is the body of Christ, grows as it builds itself up in unity and love.

Some of the themes in these chapters which we will unpack will be how the church is Christ’s body as many members come together as one. We will also look at meaningful church membership and how Christians live out their unity in Christ by loving, serving, and edifying one another. Through the series, we will learn how spiritual gifts are for the good of the whole body and how God’s people are to gather regularly for worship and to build one another up. Christ-like love is primary.

The pastors and elders have the following aims for the series:

  • To grow a biblical understanding of church and membership
  • To encourage every-member ministry, with GBCers actively loving, serving, and building one another up
  • To help members see how spiritual gifts are to be used for the good of the whole body
  • To strengthen the church’s unity around our shared identity in Christ
  • To challenge and confront individualism, self-centredness, pride, and self-righteousness
  • To exhort members to gather regularly for corporate worship

The schedule for the series will be as follows: 

body building sermon schedule 2023