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Senior Pastor's Reminder: Pray For The Region & The World

Dear GBC Family,

Recently, the news media has been saturated with stories of natural disasters happening all over the region and the world. Some countries are blessed and able to handle such catastrophes better than others. Still lives are lost and disrupted beyond imagination.

Please pray for all the countries afflicted:

1. Pray for the countries, governments, and personnel trying to meet the mounting needs among those affected.

2. Pray for opportunities for the gospel to be lived out and even shared at appropriate times and for many to come to receive Christ as their personal Savior.

Very often, unless we are directly touched by having family or friends directly involved, it is easy for us to put these kinds of prayer requests aside. But they are important and we should and can pray for them.

Thank you for reading and praying,

Pastor Arnold.


Prayer Resources from Operation World: