Reformation Concert: artwork available for download

There’s one more month to the concert and we’re excited! Ticket sales have already begun, and we’re encouraged by the support shown thus far.

The Reformation Concert team has made available the beautifully designed concert poster which you can download and use across your devices and social networks. 

(Right click, "save as" to download)

“Ok. The image is really nice, but what can I do with this?” If this is your question, here are some ways that we can imagine these images being used:

  1. Send the images to invite friends and share about the concert. Share it over whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms.
  2. Use the image as your Facebook or Twitter cover photo for the next month. Use this opportunity to share about the concert, and also tell the story of Jesus!
  3. Set the image as your phone wallpaper, and perhaps it could be a conversation starter when your friends and colleagues peek at your phone.
  4. Use the image as your phone wallpaper to remind you to pray for this concert. There are so many things that we can be praying for especially as the concert draws near and more updates will be provided over time. For a start, we can pray that tickets will be sold and that church members or Christians who are not attending the concert will consider sponsoring others to attend. We entrust the actual raising of funds to the Lord and trust Him for a full concert hall.

There could be many other ways, so be creative! One of the amazing things so far is to see how various people are using the artistic gifts that God them to serve the church. Apart from raising funds, we pray that the concert will also serve as a platform for all to share their gifts, time, energy, and efforts to build our community.


Tickets are available after service. A booth can be found on the first floor.