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Rebuilding: Prayer & Praise - October 2016

Prayer & Praise Items for October 2016
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit. It has been just over 1 year since we moved out of Mattar Road! We are grateful to the Lord for His provision of a suitable place for us to continue our Sunday worship and activities. We are very thankful to Vicar Rev. Michael Tay and his parish for accommodating us and being a wonderful host. Pray that we will strive hard to maintain this good relationship with the parish. 
  • Site work progress. Praise God for the smooth progress of the rebuilding in the past year. The construction of the superstructure is now complete. Please pray for the architectural work that is taking place and that the workers will remain vigilant and safe. 
  • Rebuilding sub-committees. We are thankful for all those who have served tirelessly in the various subcommittees, working in specific areas of their specialties for the building of the house of the Lord. Please continue to pray for those involved, that while the views may be diverse, all remain focused on the task in the spirit of love and unity.
  • Church rebuilding fund. Priase God that his provision is always sufficient; we have never been behind in payments thus far. As of 23 October 2016, we have crossed the $13.27 million mark for the church rebuilding fund. Please pray for the upcoming GBC Reformation Concert on the 28 and 29 October 2016 as everyone chips in to be a part of the fundraising effort. We look towards His provision as we work together in faith to raise the remaining $5 million.