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Rebuilding Project - Progress Update (June 2015)

Pastoral Note-“Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow” by Pastor Lay Thok

Acts 2:41-47 shows us the key characteristics that mark a healthy church. These include teaching of the Word, fellowship among members, a life of worship, acts of care and concern, and evidence of fruit of the gospel. These are characteristics that should similarly mark our church today. Without them, we are no different from any other organisation outside the church. But in order for these characteristics to be manifested in the church, there must be unity among its members. Indeed, this unity is the prerequisite for healthy growth of the church.

As we embark on the journey of church rebuilding, let us not forget that a healthy church is more important than a beautiful church building. Just as unity is the key to a healthy church, so being united as one in Spirit and being of one mind is also needed to carry us through the entire rebuilding period.

But to achieve unity among members is certainly difficult! As it is, the work of rebuilding is fraught with multiple challenges, and to stay united as one in the church has other obstacles. With relocation near at hand, and rebuilding right before us, what are the obstacles that stand in the way of our unity? Stress arising from service? Adherence to principles? Differences in opinion? Different expected pace in committee work? Or, self?

King Solomon, upon completion of the building of the magnificent Temple, dedicated it to God with heartfelt prayer on bended knee. His prayer was filled with pleas for God’s mercy and forgiveness, because that was what they needed (1 Kings 8:22-53). As we commence the construction of our new church building, we too should come before God with bended knee, pleading that He will show each one of us our own weaknesses, pleading for His mercy and forgiveness, pleading that we may truly be united in Him, and with one heart and be of one mind, committing ourselves into this rebuilding work.


Status/Progress- “Praise Him, all creatures here below”



 April 2015

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has given approval for Part 1 of the structural plans.

Mr Boon Hon Lin has been appointed as the Project Manager of the rebuilding project. His key role is to ensure that the contractor(s) build in accordance with the agreed plans once the construction commences. He will be assisted by a Resident Technical Officer (RTO), whose recruitment is in progress.

 May 2015

 The relocation to Chapel of the Holy Spirit (CHS) at St Andrews Junior College (SAJC) has been postponed to Oct 2015 subject to the vacating of the premises by the church currently using the place.

The tender documents have been finalised. 10 contractors have expressed interest in the project.

Pre-qualification of interested contractors. Pre-qualification is the process of evaluating interested contractors. The evaluation criteria include ability to fulfill the contract, financial standing, capability, and experience. Pre-qualified contractors will be invited to bid for the building contract.

Corresponding to the relocation being shifted to October, any demolition/construction work can now only commence in October.

May 30, 2015 

Visit to CHS by ministry leaders/committee members to facilitate their planning for the respective ministry activities there.

Upcoming Events- “Praise Him above, ye heavenly host”



 June 2015

Submission of tenders by pre-qualified contractors. 

July 2015 

Assessment of the tenders.

Award of tender.

Seek possible alternatives to meet building specifications at a lower cost (known as value engineering).

June to September 2015 

Preparation for relocation:

  • seek suitable venue(s) for church office and storage of church’s inventory.
  • church-wide (all ministries of EC and CC) review of current inventory; decide what to discard and what to keep.
  • each ministry to plan for management and/or storage of items needed for weekly use at CHS.
  • to finalise the use of the facilities at CHS by all ministries.


Prayer Points- “Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”

John 17:20,21 (ESV): “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.”

In this major rebuilding project, it is inevitable that there will be differences, conflicts, disappointments and disagreements. There will be differing views and, at times, opposing needs to be met. For example, how to allocate the various rooms for use by the different ministries at CHS? How should God’s children in GBC respond in such situations? What must we do to resolve and diffuse sensitive, and at times explosive issues? In Phil 2:1-5, Apostle Paul advocates that everyone should have the same love and be of the same mind in Christ. Each one must humbly consider the needs of others besides his own and must be willing to give up his/her rights and self-interests for the sake of Christ just as Christ has done. Everyone needs to show flexibility and be willing to adjust for the good of the church as a whole. May the love of Christ bind us so that God is truly glorified. May we, as God’s family, be a testimony of our Abba’s great love.

Pray that

  • each committee member will serve with a true heart to honor God and glorify Him;
  • committee members will be filled with the love of Christ for each other; and that each one be willing to accommodate the interests of others as we develop the final usage plan at CHS;
  • members will put aside selfish motives, self-interests and self-glory;
  • all will put on love, patience and understanding with regards to the many changes and potential confusion and disruption.


Father, Make Us One

(Scripture in song-by Maranatha! Singers)

Father, make us one,

Father, make us one,

That the world may know

Thou has sent Thy Son

Father, make us one.

Behold how pleasant and how good it is,

For brethren to dwell in unity,

For there the Lord commands the blessing,

Life forever more.

Psalm 133:1,3b (ESV)- “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! .......... For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.”

Soli Deo Gloria! (Glory to God alone!)