Really Good at Being Wrong

Pastor Ian reminds us that we are often not as right as we think we are. 

The Davidsons had the largest compound in our area. Consequently, their backyard was the place where the neighbourhood boys consistently gathered to demonstrate our developing athletic prowess. On one warm afternoon we had assembled at the Davidsons’ to argue about soccer and occasionally, to allow our arguments to be interrupted by the game itself. 

I remember the shot because I had never before struck a ball so well. I knew as soon as my foot made contact that the shot was unstoppable. And truly it was. Unstopped by my older brother, who was the opposing keeper, and unstopped by the Davidsons’ back window, which surrendered to the ball with a grating explosion of a thousand shards. 

And then silence. 

I’m pretty sure that it was Doug Cassidy who suggested we conspire to cover up the crime. But it was definitely my idea to start up the Davidsons' lawn mower, cut the grass and then claim a stone thrown by the blades of the mower actually broke the window. I’m smart that way… very quick to offload personal responsibility and then to compound one mistake with another. Regardless, it was an idea that quickly received broad support (and no small amount of admiration) from the rest of my prepubescent co-conspirators. It didn’t at all occur to us that a small pebble could not possibly do the same amount of window damage as a well-struck soccer ball. 

But that thought did occur to my father. 

There are few more traumatic memories from my childhood than the recollection of standing with my father on the Davidsons’ porch confessing to Mr Davidson that I was the stone that broke his window. It took me six months of chores to pay for the impact of that one perfect strike. 

That one experience taught me that, left on my own, I have great capacity to give my very best effort to some very unworthy pursuits. I have this innate ability to be excellent at being wrong. And then? I can make it worse! 

This Sunday, God will bring us again to the book of Romans and will remind us that many of us—just like the people of Israel—are often not as right as we think we are. We stumble over the Good and enthusiastically embrace the wrong. 

Let me encourage you to prepare to hear from Him by reading together with your pastors, Romans 9:30-33. I pray that we would gather together with open hearts and joyfully celebrate the good news that even when we are really good at being wrong, when our trust is in Him, we will not be put to shame!


This Week 

  • We are grateful for 140 friends and members who equipped themselves with gospel-centred tools to help themselves and others grow in Christlikeness! 
  • This Sunday we will celebrate as six men and women put the gospel on display through the obedience of baptism. In addition, we will welcome four others who have requested membership with the GBC family. 
  • Next Friday evening at 8 pm we will gather for our monthly Prayer Meeting. The elders are inviting God’s people to join them on Level 5 as we acknowledge our need for His gracious intervention in our lives, our church and our nation.