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Quarterly Congregational Meeting (5 Jul 2020)

We are certainly living in unusual times having to adapt constantly to the evolving situation with Covid-19 that has brought much disruptions to life and church. However, we are grateful that the situation has presented us a new way of doing life and ministry for GBC.

Though we envisage large physical gathering in church to not happen anytime soon, the elders have planned to hold the 2nd Quarterly Congregational Meeting(QCM) for 2020 on Sunday, 5 July at 11am. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom and we invite all English Congregation members to attend. We’ll be hearing about how God is working in our church, including welcoming new members and introducing our new interns. 

Here is the link to the meeting:

Below is the agenda of the meeting and we covet your prayer and participation:

1. Opening Prayer

2. A Time of Thanksgiving 

3. Welcoming New Members

4. New Interns

5. Pastoral Encouragement

6. Q & A

7. Recite Member's Covenant