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Pua Mission Trip Aug-Sep 2019

We thank God for the privilege to participate in His work in the lives of the Hmong people in Northern Thailand. Find out more from the trip report of the team that headed to Kathy's Home in Pua from 30 Aug to 2 Sep to conduct the quarterly English camp.  


The team comprised 11 members: (clockwise from backrow left after Narola and Mak Sanglir) William Lenn, Beh Soo Hee, Tan Kim Song, Susan Tan, Julie Chua, Joey Raju, Ngiam Siew Kim, Racquel Caloza, Grace Ang, Karen Lenn and Tan Sze Gar. 

We are very happy for Joey that he got to serve in this capacity with his wife, Racquel Caloza who joined us for the very first time. The couple’s big heart for the children prompted one of the girls in their class to be moved to tears during her end of camp sharing! We also had the privilege of celebrating the couple’s first wedding anniversary a few days in advance during Sunday’s dinner. Congratulations Joey and Raquel :) 

We are also very grateful for Julie Chua (aka Ai Cheng), another newcomer to Pua, who headed to Chiang Mai first to meet up with William and Karen and accompanied them for the trip to and back from Pua. She was a great help to Karen as they tried to coax the girls in their class to speak up.  

In addition, the team was joined by David Wortley from Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs. David is a friend of the Sanglirs and he has been a blessing to the team, enriching the teaching and discussion for the oldest group of children as he partnered with William, as well as interacting and participating so warmly in our daily devotion and activities.  


William, Karen and Julie drove to Pua from Chiang Mai on Thursday and reached Pua one day ahead of the team.

The rest of team flew from Singapore to Nan via Bangkok on Friday morning and reached Pua in the early evening. As the flight from Singapore was delayed, the team was rather anxious that we might not make it for the flight to Nan if the queue at Bangkok’s immigration checkpoint was long. Thankfully, we were once again allowed to join a shorter queue meant for diplomats and VIPs. However, as that queue was slow moving, we inquired with an immgration officer if we could join an even shorter queue meant for flight crew – we were desperate and audacious! We did not expect the very negative response which at one point made us think that the immigration officer was going to relegate us from the diplomat queue to the normal queue. Thankfully, that did not happen and we all managed to clear immigration and was in good time for the flight to Nan as that flight was delayed as well. Although we did not get to enjoy a leisurely lunch at the food court, all managed to grab some quick bites before the flight to Nan.

On Monday morning, William, Karen and Julie drove back to Chiang Mai while the rest of the team flew back to Singapore via Bangkok. As you would expect, we were very grateful for the safe and uneventful journeys home. 

Morning Devotion and Sermon


For Saturday’s morning devotion, Sze Gar encouraged the team to be patient as she shared from 1 Thessalonians 5:14. The verse was mentioned by Ps Eugene in his article for Grace eNews for that week, Inspiring Hope in One Another.  

William led Sunday’s morning devotion and sharing from Ephesians 4:1-6, he emphasised the importance of the unity and purity of the church. The team had an encouraging time of reflection and sharing. 

For Sunday’s sermon, Beh brought to life the story of “Jesus Walks on Water” as he taught from Matthew 14:22-32. He put us in Apostle Peter’s shoes as he elaborated on the thoughts and actions of the apostle, revealing to us the many lessons that God was teaching us through this account. He shared that so often in life, instead of focusing on Jesus and walking towards Him, we often focus on the trials and circumstances, forgetting that Jesus is the one who can lift us up. Even so, if we cry out to Jesus, He will reach out His hand and save us. Do we have the faith of Peter who accepted Jesus’ invitation to walk towards Him and cried out for help when he started to sink? He ended the message with a strong encouragement to us all – focus on Jesus.

English Camp

We had rain throughout the camp! The rain not only brought much needed relief to the farmers in Thailand, it was also a wonderful relief to the team as the cool weather made it less draining on the teachers and students. As such, even on Saturday which is usually the most exhausting day of the camp, the team ended the day seemingly much more energetic than previous camps.

As with previous camps, we conducted one class on Friday, three classes on Saturday and two classes on Sunday.


Visit to Maesanan Village

Grace, Julie, Joey and Racquel visited the Hmong village at Maesanan on Sunday. They joined the Sunday worship where Mak shared the message in Thai. The message was translated into Hmong by Suchat (seated most right in the photo below) who used to be a resident of Kathy’s Home but is now married with two kids. The Lord has brought Suchat back to the village three years ago and since then, he has been such a blessing to Mak and Narola and the church at Maesanan. He has been doing the work of an evangelist, visiting two families in a week, encouraging and praying with them. We rejoice that he has shared his willingness to shepherd the flock and we pray that the Lord will use him mightily for His glory. 


After the worship service, the visitors from Singapore were treated to a home-cooked lunch at Suchat’s home. 

Social Media

Please check out Kathy’s Home Facebook for more photos! 

We give thanks for:

  • Jesus and the love of God that made all things possible.
  • Mak and Narola. We praise the Lord for their faithfulness and perseverance, and for being ever so hospitable whenever Team Singapore comes by.
  • the children, their willingness to learn and patience with us. Behind their beautiful smiles, many of them have heartbreaking stories of broken relationships, poverty, death, forced early marriages etc.
  • Siew Kim’s amazing trove of everything you need to know about Pua and Kathy’s Home. (And he just added a list of seasonal fruits!!!)
  • Kim Song’s lovingly prepared study materials and wise teaching advice which he shared so generously throughout the trip.
  • journey mercies. Every now and then, we encounter flight delays which make us appreciate the safe and uneventful travels even more.
  • the rain!
  • the two newcomers, Racquel and Julie, who took to the children and teaching so quickly. 

Please pray:

  • for the children to have a spiritual hunger for God’s word and that Mak, Narola and the house parents can provide it by faithfully teaching the Bible and living it out in their daily lives.
  • strength and good health for Mak and Narola as they continue to shepherd the flock, and safety in travels as they attend a mission conference in South India followed by teaching at two churches in Nepal in mid-October during the school term break.
  • for the Hmong churches that that they will not compromise the word of God but will have wisdom and boldness to stand for the truth.
  • for Nokton who will be joining Kathy’s Home around October after his wedding. We are so thankful that he has completed his Thai language studies and he has even preached a sermon in Thai at Kathy’s Home sometime back.
  • for more from GBC to experience the privilege of witnessing God’s marvellous work at Kathy’s Home and Northern Thailand and the sweet time of fellowship amongst the team. 

Upcoming trips:

  • 6-9 December 2019
  • 6-9 March 2020 (with possible extension to 10/11 March for those who would like to explore Northern Thailand)
  • 29 May to 1 June 2020
  • 28-31 August 2020
  • 4-7 December 2020

Contact Ngiam Siew Kim at 97525589 or Beh Soo Hee at 97886171 if you would like to join any of the trip.


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