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Prayer Meeting on 25 March 2016

Prayer Meeting

(25 March 2016)

Prayer Points


I. Young Adult Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for students who are anxious about places in university - that God would give them a sense of peace & trust Him for the future.

- Pray for NSFs engaged in physical training & are tempted to live without God in the world - Pray for their holiness & encouragement.

- Pray for our CG studies in 'Gospel-centered Community' that it will have a practical impact on the way we see each other & the church.

- Pray for the upcoming Project Timothy Bible conference on 29-30 Mar - that many YAs will attend & grow in deeper love with Christ as they study the gospel of John.

- Pray for the 14 YA leaders regularly attending the new Bible study leading training sessions - that from this they will be practically equipped & effective in helping others study God's Word.

- Pray that a movement of personal Bible study & evangelism will grow.

- Pray for our YA evangelism event on 16 Apr that many non-Christian students & NSFs will come and hear about the gospel of Christ.


II. Discipleship Seminars Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for the successful run of our second Teach-the-Teachers Seminar with Rev Dr Jerry Hwang. This second seminar saw the participation of even more lay teachers and there was a lot of fruitful discussion, not just between Dr Hwang & the attendees, but among the attendees themselves. Please pray that this will lead to a greater spirit of unity & collaboration among the lay teachers in GBC.

- Please pray that more members will partake of the Discipleship Seminars & thus grow together in Christlikeness.

- Please pray that God will continue to enrich our teachers in their own lives as well as in the preparation of their lessons for DS.


III. Evangelism

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray that our hearts will be filled with thankfulness to God for the death of Jesus Christ at Calvary on Good Friday and the glorious hope in His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

- Pray for the Easter service that:

God will remove all obstacles for those who are invited.

There will be many non-believers and that the Lord will draw many to Himself for salvation.

- Pray that God will grant us:

hearts that are teachable

eyes that can see the harvest field

ears that can hear the still small voice of God

feet that are beautiful to bring good news

- Pray that God will help us to be obedient and sensitive to His prompting to reach out the lost.


IV. Pastoral Search Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray for God's leading, wisdom and provision as ECL plans ahead faithfully & carefully for the Pastoral needs of our church. Pray for any transition period to be a time of greater unity & love for the church.

- Pray for our Congregational Leaders & Pastors as they undertake heavy responsibilities and the unique opportunities of leading the church in the rebuilding journey including the advanced stages in the search for a lead/senior pastor. Pray for sensitivity to God's timing & leading, faith, boldness & strong hedge of protection for each leader and his family.


V. Children Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for our Fire Station outing cum Amazing Race on 19 Mar where we had an overwhelming response of over 30 kids & an equal number of parents.

- We thank God for the fun the children had & a good time of fellowship amongst the parents.

- We thank God for the availability & help of the young adults, Toby & Sharon, in organising the event.


VI. Worship Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Please continue to pray for the Easter choir as they have their final practice this Saturday for the Easter service on Sunday. Thank God for giving them a willing heart to serve and for the good practices they have had so far. Pray for the Easter service that it will be edifying to those attending it and also one that will be glorifying God as we celebrate Christ's resurrection.

- Continue to pray for people to serve the area of sound & musicians.

- Pray for the worship team that they will continue to seek after God's heart in their own private lives so that they can really lead the congregational worship in Spirit & in Truth.


VII. Care Group Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Give thanks for the fruit that the new curriculum "Gospel-Centered Community" is bearing in our CGs as we study and apply the materials together in community.

- Continue to pray for the CG Leaders that God will give them sustaining grace and joy as they serve by leading their respective CGs.

- Pray for the CG members that they will deepen in their walk with God & grow in their connection to the church community.

- Pray for the CG Ministry Team as they serve, plan and act to grow & support the CGs for 2016.


VIII. Church Camp 2016

Prayer & Praise:

Following the intense activities in the calendar, we now can look forward to the church retreat in June.

- Pray that the Lord will lead you to join in this year's event when we study & reflect upon the theme of "Gospel and Community".

We pray that the sign rate will increase and we aim to close by 17 April.


IX. Church Rebuilding

Prayer & Praise:

- Site work progress. Praise God that the pile capping as part of the substructure work is now completed. After treating the ground for termites, we will proceed to cast concrete on the ground level and the surrounding beams. Please pray for good weather so that the work can progress according to schedule. Please also pray for the safety of all workers on site.

- Part-time RTO for M & E works. Please continue to pray as we look to Him to provide us with a part-time resident technical officer specifically for mechanical and electrical works. Pray that the Lord will lead us to one who is responsible and competent.

- Use of church premises at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit (CHS). It has been 6 months since we moved out of Mattar Road! We are thankful to Vicar Michael Teh, his staff and the members of CHS for the use of their premises on Sundays. We are also grateful to St Andrew’s Junior College for opening up some of their premises for us to use on an as-needed basis, thereby giving us more flexibility for space utilization planning. Please pray for good continuing relationships with them.

- Church rebuilding fund. As of 20 March 2016, we have raised just over 8.6 million dollars for our church rebuilding. We are greatly encouraged by the many examples of sacrificial giving from our members towards the rebuilding fund. Please pray that we will continue to trust on our Lord as we give joyfully and work earnestly to raise funds for the project.

Fund Raising:

- Pray that God will do a great work in GBC and galvanise every member to rise up to the challenge.

- Pray for all members to have confidence that God is leading us and be committed to trust and obey Him.

- Pray that God will enable us to build a community of love by extending ourselves to one another.

- Pray that everyone will utilize their talents, gifts and wealth and contribute towards raising funds for the rebuilding which will face a critical challenge in the last quarter of this year.