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Prayer Meeting on 28 July 2017

Prayer Meeting

(28 July 2017)

Prayer Points


Prayer & Praise:

- We praise God for the growth of the ministry with new members, others seeking baptism & new leaders discipling others. 

- Thank God for the successful outing with the Gracehaven children on 15 July & the opportunity to serve others with Christ's love.

- Pray for YAs who are struggling with practical holiness after the June YA retreat, that they will be obedient to Scripture & holy for God. 

- Pray for the YA evangelism team as they continue their special outreach & partnership with believers from difficult backgrounds. Pray for them to use this partnership to reach others with a similar background/profile. 

- Pray for the YA training efforts in the second half of 2017, especially the class studying the doctrine of Scripture and how to explain it to others, especially to unbelieving friends in camp and at school who are curious about the Scripture.

- Pray for the upcoming Project Timothy conference on 2-3 Aug with Dr Bryan Chapell on "Law and Grace", that the YA will grow deeply from the preaching, & grow in Christ.



Prayer & Praise:

- Please pray for us as we embark on a new Bible Study series going through the Old Testament, that God would use His Word to continue to shape & grow our youth.

- Please pray for the youth, as they prepare for exam season, that they would see exams in their rightful place.



Prayer & Praise:

- DS sees regular attendance in the region of 40 people in our current arrangement at CHS. We pray that when we move back we would be able to see more keen to grow in His Word & that we would labour faithfully for this end.  

- Please pray for more labourers to join DS. We pray also for the courage to initiate conversations with those who can labour alongside us in this ministry.

- Please pray for our teachers to continue to walk closely with the Lord, that they would stay close to His word & communion. Pray that the teachers will continue to juggle their various responsibilities well. 

- We thank God for Ping & Heidi's sharing this week at the DS. 



Prayer & Praise:


Thanksgiving for the outing on 15 July at West Coast Park conducted by the YA. The early rain caused us to change the order of our program.  It turned out to be more conducive and effective.  13 children, 3 staff members from Gracehaven and 20 GBC members had a fun and blessed outing.

Pray for George Yeo's CG who will be organising the next event for

Gracehaven. Pray for:

- Wisdom to organise an engaging program.

- God to remove all obstacles for the children to attend the event.

- God to use the designated speaker to deliver His Word.

- God to prepare the hearts of the listeners.

Tuition Ministry

- Teachers to have patience, love & wisdom in teaching the students.

- The secondary students to be committed in coming for the class.

- Protection of time for teachers & students.



Prayer & Praise:

- The ministry is urgently look for 4 more teachers. As we move back to the new church, we hope to be able to open up a new class. The younger children are currently worshipping together as a group which is not ideal as their learning levels differ.

- We pray that the children will open up to each other more. We have begun a buddy system to get the older children "care" for the younger ones by "checking in" on their attendance each week. 



As we prepare to move back to our new building, please continue to pray for:

- Unity & a spirit that seeks to honor & glorify the name of God as we work to get all the new equipment setup especially for sound, projection & musical instruments

- The choir as they prepare to lead in the very first service on 20 Aug.

- Smooth installation of all the equipment (sound system, instruments, grand piano, organ, projection) and also training of equipment use by the vendor.

- Everyone in the ministry to continue to stay close to Him & rely on His strength & not lose heart as they serve Him.



Prayer & Praise:

- Site work progress. We rejoice on receiving the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) from the Building and Construction Authority on 13 July 2017. Please pray that the take-over process from the main contractors will be smooth.

- Move-back transition. Please pray that the relocation of the office and Sunday worship service slated for 7 August and 20 August 2017 respectively will be seamless and smooth.

- Facilities and Security Management. We thank God that the Facilities and Security Management Committee has been formed, comprising director Samuel Tan Tack Guan, Gilbert Tan and Chiam Chian Loke. Please pray that they would make sound decisions pertaining to the management of new church premises.

- Church rebuilding fund. Praise the Lord Jehovah Jireh for His Provisions! We have surpassed our target of $17.8 million for the church rebuilding.