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Prayer Meeting for 29 January 2016

Prayer Meeting

(29 January 2016)

Prayer Points

I. Young Adult Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Young adults who are still not plugged in to the church community. - Pray that they will find a community to practice the "one another" passages of the New Testament.

- YAs who have taken recent steps in baptism - Pray that God would deepen their roots and help them grow more.

- Students getting ready to head to Australia for university. - Pray for them to find healthy churches and communities to grow in during this transition period.

- Leaders who are trying to be faithful in disciple-making. - Pray for God's sustenance and their continued joy in personal ministry.

- Upcoming events, studies and projects of the ministry - Ask that God grant us spiritual fruit in these.


II. Children Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We praise God for the start of the year. Our "brood" is growing and we foresee healthy growth with many new ones being born.

- We are still in need of teachers. We praise God that many have stepped up, we have many new teachers on board this year. Specifically we need one teacher to lead small group discussions for the older children and another for the younger kids. Ideally we are looking for younger teachers who can connect well with the children. We are also looking for young men especially, to give the boys a role model. Please pray that we can find suitable candidates.

- new comers/non-christians. It is often difficult for teachers to tailor lessons for non-believers, please pray for wisdom. We also have several non-believer's children and visitors amongst our children and we pray that God can reach out to these parents through the children.


III. Evangelism

Prayer & Praise:

In 2015, the aim of the Evangelistic Team was to move the hearts of our GBC members to have evangelism as part of their lifestyle. Activities & events would be merely opportunities for our members to participate and invite pre-believers to bring joy to God.

We were thankful that 40 members participated in the Evangelistic Movie effort in Aug 2015 and about 20 "participated" in the Christmas Outreach program. Was the number of participants falling? Did we fail? Are we getting cold or worse still, lukewarm? We couldn't tell. There was feedback that we did not have any programs for youths & children for our Christmas Outreach in 2015 - at least not stated in our flyers. Despite our shortcomings, God is good. A grandmother brought her granddaughter to our Christmas Service and she accepted Jesus Christ. Heaven rejoices!

Moving forward, it is the desire of the Evangelistic Team that GBC can adopt "Each One Reach One" in 2016 . That is, each member will pray for, invite, or share the gospel with one pre-believer. Pray for:

- Unity of our church to grow in maturity as a community & attract others to Christ.

- Various ministries will work together to present a holistic program reaching out to adults, youths & children for Easter & Christmas 2016.


IV. Discipleship Seminars Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for the numerous members of the church who have stepped up to teach DS lessons. Pray that they will remain humble and be attuned to God's leading, and be motivated by the overriding desire to see God glorified in the teaching of His Word.

- Thank God for the new members who have joined the DS planning team. Pray that they will be inspired and strengthened for faithful service in this ministry.

- Pray for the quarterly teacher training sessions that the DS ministry is organizing for church members in teaching positions and any other interested church members. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the invited trainers, and that the sessions will be meaningful and constructive.


V. Enjoy Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Praise God for a successful 2015 of "Intergenderational" & "Interrgenerational" activities.

- Pray for the coming "Sunrise Service" on the 17 & 18 March 2016in the areas below.

- Meet the needs of participating members.

- Fine weather, protection & safety for all throughout the trip.


VI. CareGroup Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Pray that God will provide new members to serve in the

​CG Ministry ​committee as we​ seek to expand the team to undertake more responsibilities.

- Pray that as the ​CGs embark on the new curriculum "Gospel Centere​d Community", that members will understand the gospel deeply & ​not only be "Hearers" but also "Doers" of God's Word as they participate in community.

- Praise God that almost all CG Leaders attended the 1st CLOBS of the new year, 2016 held last Saturday & the timely arrival of the books for the ​new curriculum despite the year end festive season.

- Praise God for the smooth start to the implementation of the new CG Ministry structure (where a Pastor/Elder will shepherd a group of 6-8​ CG Leaders placed under their care).


VII. Worship Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God for people who have responded to the call for sound ministry helpers. Continue to pray for more who will volunteer to serve God in this area.

- Pray for the worship ministry team as they plan & prepare for Good Friday & Easter services.

- Pray that the worship team will continue to draw strength from God as they serve every week and that they will be encouraged by Him to continue worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth.


VIII. Church Rebuilding

Prayer & Praise:

- Piling work. Praise God that the piling work on the church site is more than half-way complete. Please pray for good weather so that the work can finish before Chinese New Year.

- Fund-raising efforts. Thank God for various church members who have volunteered to help in whatever way they could in order to raise money for the church rebuilding fund. More than the funds raised, these efforts are important to foster a sense of unity among members as we build our spiritual home.

- Church rebuilding fund. At present, the cash raised for rebuilding will enable us to make progressive payments up till the second quarter of 2016. Please pray that we will continue to trust on our Lord as we give sacrificially and raise fund towards the rebuilding project.