Prayer Meeting (25 May 2018)

Prayer Meeting

(25 May 2018)

Prayer Points


a) Gracehaven Outreach

Thanksgiving for a beautiful Saturday morning on 19 May at the outdoor frisbee game with the Gracehaven children & GBC volunteers.  Pray that Song Huat's sharing on Abraham's faith and Psalm 23 will land on good soil.  May God use the little gestures & interactions of our volunteers to touch the children's hearts & point them to God’s love.

As the Gracehaven team has difficulty getting sufficient volunteers, pray for them as they seek God's direction whether to continue in this ministry.  May God's peace be upon the core members of the team.


b)Tuition and Reading Club

The tuition and reading club will have a break this June holidays.  Pray that all teachers and students will be refreshed and recharged during this break.


c) Others

May God open our eyes to see the outreach opportunities around us and have the boldness to share the good news.



- We thank God for the many volunteers that have offered their time & taken leave to help out with VBS. 

- Pray for wisdom of the VBS volunteers to deliver the lesson points on God & our Creator.

- Pray for the children & parents who face increasing bombardment on worldly values.


III. Grace News

- Thank you for praying for and alongside us. Our next issue (to be published in July) is currently underway & please pray for the layout team that they will have the time & creativity needed to design the newsletter.

- Please pray that the outstanding articles will be submitted soon, that the writers and interviewees whom we have approached will have the time to pen their thoughts and in turn encourage the church with their sharing.

- In our last meeting, we proposed taking a sabbatical year for the print issue of Grace News. The team is currently praying over it and will decide in July when we next meet. Do pray along with us and if you have not subscribed to Grace eNews, we strongly encourage you to do so. And if you have subscribed & have not been receiving the weekly enewsletter, please check your junk box and add '' to your address book.


IV. Women’s Ministry

- Thank God for the opportunity of bringing 11 ladies together for a mini retreat at Kukup resort. They had a meaningful time praying, sharing & bonding together. We also thank God for safety and the availability of this lovely place for comfortable accommodation.



- Thanksgiving for May's evangelism event on the Christian's life online - over 10 friends outside GBC attended and many good discussions were had. Praise God especially for our non-Christian friends A and S who responded and are keen to find out more about the Christian faith, and pray that their hearts will be softened to hear the gospel as our YAs speak to them, and that they come to know Christ as their Saviour.

- Pray for June's YA Retreat on Heaven, that God will use this time away from the busyness of our lives to open our eyes to the wonder of the living hope that He is, and spur us on to live the lives that He has called us to in light of heaven. Pray for the speakers (Sam Beh and Bryan) that they will first be convicted by God's word, and that that conviction will fuel their preaching as they lead us to dig deep into God's word.

- Pray for our young adults who are struggling with many commitments - that they will remember the joy and wonder of the moment they first came to know Christ, and that they will surrender their idols of pride and self-centredness that are masked as ambition, insecurity, and even service. Pray for humble hearts, wise words and open ears as we have such painful but necessary conversations with each other.

- For the young adult leaders as we are continually reminded of sin and brokenness in our relationships but more so in ourselves - that we will be convicted to repent and turn from sin together, and that we will not shy away from calling out sin for what it is in the name of love. Pray that this daily turning away from sin and turning to God will shape us and our ministry, and that this pursuit for holiness will underpin all our teaching, discipling, evangelism, events and training plans we have for the second half of the year.




Fedora has been in Thailand since Feb 2018 under OMF.

She has been undergoing language training in Lopburi. She is performing well there and is able to complete her training in a short time.

She was moved to extend her stay in Lopburi to help a new missionary family from Hong Kong adjust to the field life and assist them with their children’s studies.

Fedora will also be filling in for the assistant training leader who will be going on home assignment.

Pray for God’s leading as she takes this time to seek Him for her future assignment.

Fedora graduated from SBC with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, and she was the award recipient for Mission.



- Thanksgiving for helping our youth get through another exam season.

- Pray for us as we prepare to start a new bible study series, that God would use it to grow the youth in their understanding and love for His word.

- Pray for the youth as they enter the June holidays, that they would use their time wisely.

- Pray for some of our youth who are increasingly distracted by computer & handphone games.



We continue to give thanks to God for His grace and provision in sustaining this ministry.

- Pray for the choir & worship teams as they prepare for the upcoming church anniversary & thanksgiving service together with the Chinese Congregation. Pray for unity among the 2 congregations and that we will work together to give God all the glory.

- Thank God for those who have expressed interest to join the ministry & musicians & song leaders. Pray that God will use them to serve Him & that they will be able to work well with the team to give praise & glory to God.

- Pray that the team will continue to serve weekly with joy & gratitude to Christ so that the glory and love of Christ might be seen in their service to the Lord.