Prayer Meeting on 30 September 2016

Prayer Meeting

(30 September 2016)

Prayer Points

I. Young Adult Ministry

Prayer & Praise:


(1)We praise God for the 37 people who attended our recent YA retreat 'Underneath the Skin: The Christian's Inner Life' in JB Malaysia 9-12 Sep. We are thankful for:

- the spiritual work of the planning team, preachers, workshop leaders, lunchtime talk speakers, devotion writers, worship leaders & discussion group leaders.

- the spiritual fruit of growth, personal resolutions & deepened relationships

- safety in travelling in and out of the country

- the newer YAs like L, N and A who joined us though they were new to GBC

2) Praise God for recent publishing projects including:

- the Gospel Primer book to help with personal evangelism & Bible study,

- the Discipleship 102 textbook to train young believers in the faith

- the 'Tell Me the Story of Jesus' devotional written together with the church leaders to support the fund raising concert.


- Pray for the follow up to the retreat that our YAs would learn to abide in Christ through His Word. Students like N balance school, internship, ministry, family and relationships on top of personal Bible reading & prayer sleep at 2am every day.

- Pray for the recent bumper crop of YAs who have joined the YACG. NSFs and students like R are exploring the Christian life but struggle with doctrines like the Trinity, and how to relate to Jesus. They need mentors and teachers to guide them in the Word.

- Pray for our YA leaders who disciple and evangelize weekly to be encouraged. Leaders like O struggle with ministry commitments amid a busy work schedule, and often feel like they don't have the right gifts or that they're not doing a good job.

- Pray for the upcoming evangelism event that we are planning in Oct or Nov. Pray for the evangelism team to have good ideas and wisdom in planning.


II. Youth Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- Thank God that we have secured a campsite for this year's youth camp! Also thankful for the youth leaders (Ngiam Xing Yi, Shermaine Tan and Aaron Lum) who have been diligently planning this year's camp.

- Thank God for a time of games that we had during the school holidays that the youth enjoyed & enabled leaders & youth to have fun!

- Please pray for our youths as they enter their exam season to focus on the gospel & remember that their self-worth comes not from exams but from Jesus.

- Please be praying for our leadership team as we start to make plans for 2017.

- As we continue our series on the Gospel of Mark, that the Holy Spirit will continue to apply God's Word to their hearts and lives.


III. Evangelism

Prayer & Praise:

1 Corinthians 4:14-21 - Spiritual Parenting. We have to be bolder by sharing the gospel and confronting sin.

We give thanks for more than 100 members who responded to the survey on evangelism. All recognized their responsibility in the Great Commission. Many members have shared the gospel with someone; some actively and some in the distant past. Some have yet to share the gospel. Many have shared their concerns and things that are holding them back in sharing the gospel. Many have given good suggestions as what we need to do to promote evangelism as a lifestyle. God has provided generously for us to carry out the Great Commission.

Pray that:

- Evangelism team will be able to give a clear presentation on 2 Oct on the concerns and needs of our members to adopt evangelism as a lifestyle. The feedback from the participants will allow us to clearly discern God's direction and plan.

- GBC members will come together as a disciple-making church that transforms lives with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.


IV. Children Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- 7 of our church's children will be undergoing PSLE this week and next week. Some have taken ill and we pray for a speedy recovery & that it will not affect their exams.

- We also thank God that those that had been sick (including with chicken pox) have recovered.

- We thank God for the great turn out for our baking outing & the money raised by the children for the church rebuilding fund.


V. Worship Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- The fund raising concert is just about a month away. Rehearsals are currently moving to the final phase which will be more frequent & physically taxing for some. Ticket sales have also started about a month ago and we thank God for the roughly 20% of the tickets that have been sold so far. We also thank God also for the prayer journal that was launched in conjunction with the concert by the young adults to guide all church members to pray for the concert and rebuilding efforts (both spiritual & physical) at GBC.

Let us continue to pray for:

- Our successful outreach to other Baptist Churches in Singapore to further drive ticket sales.

- The singers & musicians who will be busy practicing throughout October that they will draw strength from God.

- Pray that God to guide the many leaders of the concert to do His will and bring the church together.

- God to use the devotional to warm the hearts of many GBC members & rejuvenate us spiritually.

- The Children's Ministry as they prepare an item for the concert & that their rehearsals will go well.


VI. Church Rebuilding

Prayer & Praise:

- Site work progress. Praise God that the critical work of laying beams & casting cement on the fifth level has been smooth & thankfully uneventful. The support scaffoldings on the first level have now been cleared; the rest on levels 2 & 3 will be cleared by the end of this week. Please pray for the architectural work which will go into full swing thereafter.

- Safety of workers. With the recent outbreak of locally transmitted Zika cases in the nearby Sims Drive/Aljunied cluster, continue to pray that the Lord will keep the site workers safe from disease & possible site-related injuries.

- Church rebuilding fund. As of 25 September 2016, we praise God for raising close to 13 million dollars for the church rebuilding fund. We are thankful for the fund-raising efforts initiated by our church members. Please pray for the upcoming GBC fund raising concert to be held on 28 & 29 October 2016 that the Lord will raise the funds needed for the project.


VII. Discipleship Seminars Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for the recently completed module on the Acts of the Apostles taught by David Koh & Matthew Koh.

- We ask for prayer for the upcoming 3-session module entitled "Promise and Fulfilment" on 9, 16 and 23 October. The module will focus on the big story of the Bible, and is organised in collaboration with the fundraising concert ("The Story of Jesus"). Please pray for Yee Kiat who will be teaching the module.