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Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meeting

(26 October 2016)

Prayer Points


I. Youth Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for Jane's faithful service in the Youth Ministry & pray for her & Steven as they enter a new chapter in India.

- Continued prayer for the youths who are going through their exams and for those who will be commencing their O levels.

- Prayer for the youth camp organising committee as they plan for this year's camp & for the ministry leaders as we plan for next year.


II. Evangelism

Prayer & Praise:

- Praise God that the sharing by E-Team on the survey results went on smoothly on 2 Oct despite some hiccups just before the session. Pray for the following:

- The E-Team will be able to gather & prioritize suggestions given to promote evangelism as a lifestyle for our members.

- The E-Team will be able to work with various ministries to integrate the efforts to reach out effectively.

- Good co-ordination & smooth implementation of the Decentralized Evangelistic Christmas Celebration by CGs and Worship Team on 17 Dec 2016. God will open the eyes & hearts of non-believing friends invited for the celebration.


III. Discipleship Seminars Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We thank God for the recent completed module on "Promise and Fulfilment", a module on biblical theology that was taught in support of the fundraising concert. We thank God for His servant, Yee Kiat who did his best in teaching the module.

- Please pray for our next module, "Hearing Wisdom in a Noisy World: Discipleship in the Book of Proverbs".

- Please pray for the renewal of the DS team, especially for God-fearing teachers & team members to continue to teach & lead the ministry.


IV. CG Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- The CG Ministry will be conducting a CG Leaders training session on 12 November 2016 from 1pm to 4pm at the church office. The invited Speaker, Mr Vernon Quek from Zion BP Church, will be sharing on "How Small Groups can help you grow". Please pray for Vernon that he will be led by God as he prepares for this session. Also pray for the Holy Spirit to open hearts and effect growth for CG Leaders/Assistant Leaders who will be attending this session. Finally, pray for fruit that glorifies Christ through this session.

- The CG Ministry, in collaboration with the Evangelism Team, is organising a Decentralised Evangelistic Christmas (DEC). The event will be held on 17th Dec (7-10pm) at various CG members' homes. This is a good opportunity for us to share and celebrate Christmas with our loved ones and friends who do not yet know our Lord Jesus Christ. The Good News of Christmas will be communicated through singing of carols & sharing. Pray that God will use this event for church members to build bridges & friendships. Also pray that gospel seeds will be sown.


V. Children Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- The Children Ministry will be holding a retreat for teachers on 19 Nov. Pray for a time of rejuvenation, sharing & building up one another.

- As we look to 2017, we seek new teachers to carry on the mantle. We thank God for those that have served & committed their time in the past year. Pray that the spirit will inspire more to come forward to serve.


VI. Worship Ministry

Prayer & Praise:

- We are indeed thankful to God that tickets for the concert on both days have all sold out. It is indeed very encouraging to see how the Lord works in many different ways to bring things together during the course of the preparations for the concert.

- Pray that the guests that are invited to the concert will be able to come.

- Pray that the message of the gospel will truly be communicated through the songs & scripture readings.

- Pray that the singers & musicians will have His added measure of strength to sing & play during the 2 nights of the concert.

- Pray also for the concert team who will be leading this Sunday's worship that they will lead & sing for His glory even though they may be tired after the concert.

- Pray that God will bring the church together through this concert and that members will be reminded of the gospel & do His will in their lives.


VII. Church Rebuilding

Prayer & Praise:

- Chapel of Holy Spirit. It has been just over 1 year since we moved out of Mattar Road! We are grateful to the Lord for provision of a suitable place for us to continue our Sunday worship & activities. We are very thankful to the Vicar Rev Michael Tay and his parish for accommodating us and being a wonderful host. Pray that we will strive hard to maintain this good relationship with the parish.

- Site work progress. Praise God for the smooth progress of the rebuilding in the past year. The construction of the superstructure is now complete. Please pray for the architectural work that is taking place and that the workers will remain vigilant and safe.

- Rebuilding subcommittees. We are thankful for all those who have served tirelessly in the various subcommittees, working in specific areas of their specialties for the building of the house of the Lord. Please continue to pray for those involved, that while the views may be diverse, all remain focused on the task in the spirit of love & unity.

- Church rebuilding fund. Praise God that His provision is always sufficient; we are never behind in payments thus far. As of 23 October 2016, we have raised beyond the 13.27 million dollar mark for the church rebuilding fund. Please pray for the upcoming GBC Reformation Concert on 28 & 29 October 2016 as everyone chip in to be a part of the fund raising effort. We look towards His provision as we work together in faith to raise the remaining 5 million dollars.