PFOA Apostles' Creed: I believe in God, Maker of heaven and earth

"I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth."

Read Genesis 1 & 2

Worldview is a word we seldom hear in conversations. Many would find it stretching to answer the question "What is your worldview?" Yet it is something everyone has; it is something that affects every action we take, every decision we make. You wait for the green man before crossing the road. You put on a long-sleeve shirt and long pants when going to work and wear a T-shirt and shorts on weekends. You tap your MRT card to go through the turnstiles. You work hard at your job to get the promotion. Why do you do all these things? Because you believe that's how things work, the consistency and appropriateness in your actions and choices will bring about the results you want. This set of beliefs, this understanding of the way things work is your worldview, and you behave according to it.

There are many worldviews competing for our allegiance or adoption - atheistic, secular, materialistic, Marxist, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Although the detailed outworking of these worldviews are varied, they all try to answer two basic questions, what is this world about? and what is man about? If the world began with a big bang, and man is evolved from a chain of random events, this would then determine a particular set of values and principles for guidance. If radical Islam believes that chaos and impurity can only be rectified by the institution of sharia law, then certain behaviour and action are needed to bring that about.

This statement in the Apostles' Creed gives us the basis of the Christian worldview. Genesis 1 tells us that by His Word, "Let there be", God created "out of nothing" the world and all that is in it, with one exception. Man is a result of God's creative action; he is made in God's image, and by God's creative breath, he is given life, a life that is completely different from animal life. Man's purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. But this was thwarted at the Fall. Since then God is on mission to restore His creation to perfection and reconcile sinful man to Himself. The work of Christ has accomplished this, and the Gospel is the good news that is to be declared so that the whole world may be saved.

Briefly, this is the Christian worldview, based firmly on a sovereign God who is the Almighty Creator, who continues to sustain and control His creation, but graciously and lovingly intervenes to bless those who are His children. This is the worldview that helps us understand all the happens around us, and may it guide us in every action and decision we take.