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Personal Revival Testimonies

Like God’s chosen people, Israel, many of us backslide when we take our eyes off our Lord Jesus Christ. Distractions, addictions, busyness and self-absorption erode our love for the Lord and reduce our worship to cold ritualism. To wake us up from this spiritual stupor, the Lord allows crises, suffering, various encounters in our lives and His Word of truth to speak to us. Quickened by the Holy Spirit, our spiritual health & fellowship can be restored when we repent and respond with undivided hearts to love, serve and follow Him. In Psalm 85, the psalmist prayed for revival and restoration for his people and nation. Likewise, Samuel, Chuan Xin, Nehemiah and Poh Leng share with us personal stories of how their lives have been touched and revived by the Lord.

Samuel Beh

Samuel Beh

Samuel recently got happily married to Jessica.

It was a process that took me five years to understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. Before, it was all about the dos and don’ts and making sure I didn’t fall on the wrong side of God’s Law. I felt burnt out in my walk with God, as it was driven by fear, to keep doing what is right. The change came about when I fully comprehended that I am saved by God’s grace alone through faith and not by works. My self-worth is based on what Christ has done for me and not on how well I perform in my job and ministry. My heart is now filled with love and the joy of the Lord, as I constantly remind myself that I belong to him.





Mok Chuan Xin

 Chuan Xin

Chuan-Xin with Peixian and their daughter Yi Qian.

Due to my parents’ prompting, I started to serve in the Character First project in the Junior Church. It is like paying my dues of being a Christian. Revival happened when I was studying in the university. My perspective of service changed. It was no longer about obligations or feeling good, but about what God had called me to. God equipped me with skills to serve Him and even to persevere through difficult times. When I returned home, I was so caught up with my work, marriage and setting up a home, that serving God became a low priority. To draw my attention back to Him, God allowed me to face trying moments in my job. By His grace, I am back, joyfully serving Him in the children’s ministry. I learnt that when I put God first, He blesses me in all that I do.


Nehemiah Chong


Nehemiah (standing) with his mother Miauw Suang and brother Jeremiah.

When I was in the army, I had time for reflection and it was then that the Lord wonderfully arranged for Caleb to reach out to me. This was significant because it changed my life, from living a life of indifference towards God, to a life of devotion to Him. The Bible study I did with Caleb helped me to see God in a totally different light. I was deeply touched by God’s grace. Before, I was prideful and judgmental, and thought I knew everything and could do everything by myself. With my decision to walk in His light, my priority now is to submit, trust and glorify Him in whatever I do – be it my studies, relationships or activities.


Chan Poh Leng

 Kong Wah and Poh Leng 1

Poh Leng (left) and her husband Kong Wah (right).

Whenever I become self-sufficient and lose focus on our Lord Jesus, or stop having the joy of the Lord in my heart, I will meditate on 2 Chronicles 7:14. It reminds me to be humble, pray, seek God’s face and repent. It is not always easy to hear God’s voice, as I continue to struggle with my ‘idols’ from time to time. However, I am comforted by the fact that I can rely on God’s faithfulness and promises to restore my faith when I confess and repent. My personal revivals have been closely connected with our church-led revivals – such as the choir outreach in Kuching, the crisis that split the church, the leaders’ revival retreat and the Purpose-driven Life programme. At each event, I examined my life under the searchlight of God’s word. With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I developed a thirst for His Word, prayed and was passionate in serving Him in the Sunday School ministry. It was an enriching ministry that brought me lots of joy, in impacting young children for the Lord. I am reminded of the words of a great Christian thinker, A. W. Tozer, who said: “If we are alert enough to hear God’s voice, we must not content ourselves with merely ‘believing’ it. Commands are to be obeyed and until we have obeyed them, we have done exactly nothing at all about them; to have heard and not obeyed them is infinitely worse than never to have heard them at all”. Loving our Lord Jesus Christ means trusting and obeying Him.


Compiled by Seah Yen Goon