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Ordination of Pastor Eugene Low

On 21 Sep 2019, we had the great privilege to celebrate the ordination of Pastor Eugene Low. We thank and praise God for His wonderful work in Ps Eugene and his family.


Elder Caleb Yap began the ordination service by reminding us that the ordination of a man is not the work of man but the work of God. It is God who turns us towards Christ in faith and away from sin and self, and it is His Spirit that draws a man to serve Him and His people.

This was followed by a time of prayer, praise and worship led by Elder Lam Lup Meng and the reading of 1 Peter 5:1-5 by Rev Jeremy Lee (of Redemption Hill Church).


In his introduction of Ps Eugene, Ps Ian shared that he first knew Ps Eugene as his pastor when he was still a member of GBC. During this time when he was shepherded by this brother, Ps Ian saw in Ps Eugene "a man of incredibly clear thinking. He is able to listen to a problem quietly, distil it quickly and offer a soft, right response." Ps Ian expressed that that he has rarely met a man such as Ps Eugene who would suffer much and consider it such extraordinary blessing for the sake of the name of Christ. He observed that Ps Eugene is a man who has a deep loyalty to the word of God and strong Biblical convictions, and brings a unique combination of leadership and administrative gifting to the church. As Ps Ian serves alongside Ps Eugene, he found Ps Eugene to be a man who has little tolerance for unreconciled conversations or relationships. "He is a man who rushes quickly to seek forgiveness, to seek correction and even to gently draw those who may have been in the wrong back in fellowship."

Ps Ian also expressed that the greatest sacrifice in calling is given by parents and his gratitude to Ps Eugene's mum for giving her son back to the Lord.


We had the privilege of meeting Ps Eugene's mum during the ordination service.

In his charge to Ps Eugene, Rev Andrew Goh of the ordination council charged Ps Eugene from Galatians 6:11-14 to “boast only in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” and nothing else. He encouraged Ps Eugene that "your ministry, your calling, your preaching, your teachings is not about you...and what you can do... Our purpose, our preaching, our ministry is all about God and for God." Rev Andrew Goh has known Ps Eugene for almost a decade. He expressed that Ps Eugene is a man whose life is centred on the word of God, whose thoughts and teachings are guided by the word of God, whose ministry philopsohy and doctrinal positions are all governed by the word of God. 


Our appreciation goes to the ordination council for devoting time and energy to get to know Ps Eugene and examine his heart before recommending him for the ordination: (L-R) Rev Dr Bobby Lee of Singapore Baptist Convention, Rev Ian Buntain, Rev Oliver Chia, Rev Andrew Goh of Kay Poh Road Baptist Church, Dr Scott Callaham of Baptist Theological Seminary, and Rev Jeremy Lee of Redemption Hill Church.

Dr Scott Callaham then charged GBC from 1 John 3:10-18 to be a people of righteousness and to love one another, and this includes loving Ps Eugene and his family. Just as we call him to care for us, we as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are to love Ps Eugene and his family, not in word or talk, but in deed and truth. We are to shower them with deeds of righteousness and overwhelm them with self-sacrifical love. 

Following the charge, Rev Bobby Lee, on behalf of the ordination council, affirmed Ps Eugene as a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The ordination council and elders of GBC then laid their hands on Ps Eugene, his wife Claire and their two sons, Zachary and Iain. We are so thankful for this family and their love for God and His people.



The ordination service ended with the presentation of the ordination certificate, a final hymn and benediction by Rev Eugene Low.

Watch the Ordination Service: