One-to-One Bible Reading

church camp 2023 one to one header

At our recent Church Camp, Pastor Mark walked us through how we can do one-to-one Bible reading. He introduced this tool taken from the book "One to One Bible reading" by David Helm, and encouraged us to use it as a simple way to interact with another over Scripture. It can also be a door to deeper spiritual conversation with non-Christians and new Christians. 

However, he also cautioned that this is not a replacement for the preaching ministry of the church or the need to privately meditate on it in our lives. It may also not answer every question that might come up or give authoritative teaching. 

What is this? This approach is as follows: 

One-to-one bible reading (1)

This is the basic approach, but if you'd like, there are other optional questions to include too: 

One-to-one bible reading (2)

Of course, there are many other tools available and the important thing is to begin this wonderful work of Bible reading. Are there people that you can do this with? Why not pray about it and contact them today?