Ollie’s Time at Acts Baptist Church (2H23)


Pastor Eugene announced at the 30 April 2023 service that Pastor Oliver would be sent temporarily to Acts Baptist Church to pastor for six months as part of GBC’s gospel partnership with a sister church. Pastor Oliver’s time at Acts Baptist Church will span from 1 July to 31 December 2023.

We interview Pastor Oliver here to find out more about this plan, why he’s excited about the work that is ahead, and how we can continue to support him in prayer.

1. Could you share with us why you’re doing so?

Some of GBC’s members may wonder why I’m going to Acts Baptist Church. It is for the cause of the gospel and because there is a need there.

Before I get into the details, let me thank the church for praying for me at our worship service. I have served with the pastoral staff and the elders' team at Grace Baptist Church for 12+ years and I truly enjoy working with the team. I feel God's pleasure as I serve this body of Christ that I have been a part of for many years.

If you recall, we reflected on God's purposes for us last year as a church. The pastors and elders shared eight Aspirations for our church at various platforms. These aspirations were drawn from various parts of Scripture and we saw it as God’s purposes for His church from His word.

One of our Aspirations stated that we desire to build up Gospel Partnerships. We aspire to strengthen cooperation with other like-minded churches, along and across denominational lines, to fulfill Christ's commission of making disciples. I see my time at Acts Baptist as a part of our church's aspirations to help build up other churches, so that they too can fulfill Jesus Christ’s commission to them.

There is a present need at Acts Baptist Church too as they navigate a difficult period and with new leaders coming on board, I hope to help our friends by meeting some of their pastoral needs. What a joy it is when our aspirations and people's needs meet!

2. Why Acts Baptist?

Acts Baptist Church is no stranger to us. I have had personal friendships with some of their leaders and pastors for the past 5 years. Last August to December 2022, a team of twelve from GBC also preached at their services fortnightly. I had shared about their church, and how I got to know them in an earlier article.

Ollie and Acts at service 1

Pastor Oliver, with Joshua from Acts Baptist Church sharing at our service

After getting to know the church and their leaders more, I was able to learn about their needs. This led us as an elders’ team to think about how we could support them and partner them in ministry as we put our Aspirations into practice. The Acts team also got to know GBC better and sought to grow in some ministry areas.

My time with Acts is a good opportunity for GBC to lend and send our people and resources to strengthen other churches. I pray that many more men and women from GBC will heed God’s call and be sent out to either plant or re-vitalise other churches. This may mean going full time into ministry, or even by heading out as committed lay members in other churches like Acts!

4. Some members may be curious about what you’ll be doing over the next six months. So, what will you be doing at Acts?

I will come alongside the newly formed elders team (Roy and Joshua) to encourage and build them up. Together, we will learn and apply what God tells us in His Word about being elders who teach and shepherd his church well – this includes what we do during elders’ meetings, how elders give oversight to the church and care for the members. Together we will review and strengthen their worship service on Sundays. We will also look at establishing family discipleship in their households.

4. How can we keep you in prayer personally over the next six months? How can we keep Acts in prayer too?

As I spend time with Acts, pray for fruit as I help and serve them in this period. Pray also for the team of leaders, especially Roy and Joshua, that we will grow to be like-minded and of the same heart as I help them form a team of elders to shepherd the church. Pray for God's wisdom, leading and enabling grace as I spend six months at Acts serving and loving the church.

I am thankful for the support and encouragement of the GBC elders’ team. Pray for the elders as they would take on additional responsibilities when I’m at Acts. Lastly , you can keep me and my family in prayer as I undergo this transition. I pray that GBC will come alongside my mother (Juliana) as you "loan" me to Acts during these six months!