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Now that Christmas is over, pray


GBC Christmas Service 2013– Image 1 of 36


1. Pray that the good news of Jesus will be like seed, taking root in the hearts of your friends and family who came to visit - making them curious about the person and work of Jesus Christ. Pray that the message (also in mp3) would be used by God to make the gospel clear.

2. Pray that the message of a sinful, fallen world in darkness will convict your visitors, helping them to see the wrath of God now revealed all the ungodliness of men and driving them to repentance. 

3.  Pray that the examples of warmth, kindness and hospitality in Christians will make your visitors curious about the church and the power for this kind of love. As shared in the testimonies, pray that the songs we sing and our worship would also make others curious about God. 

4. Pray for yourself and for greater evangelistic zeal, boldness to bring up the topic in conversations, wisdom to answer difficult questions and gentleness to make the gospel attractive and not ugly. 

5. Pray for more opportunities to bring your visitor to church or caregroup so that they can experience Christian community and ask deeper questions towards faith, or just understand Christianity better. Like John and Yiling, pray for opportunities to share your own conversion and how God saved you. 

6. Pray for your immediate friends and community to be more outward-looking, and that more in our church would be hospitable and gracious when visitors come to us. Pray against comfort zones and selfishness to be cold, closed and unwelcoming

7. Pray for our pastors and elders to faithfully teach the Bible in a way that is relevant and clear, and also makes the gospel attractive and powerful - so that every Sunday service will be like Christmas - full of visitors

8. Pray for our church to continue in this spirit of hospitality and evangelism, not manipulating or performing, but genuinely loving and praying for the lost. 

9. Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us how to evangelize non Christians in better ways, that we may all be approved workmen, and that our church would continue to bear good fruit

10. Pray that God would be glorified in all that we do and say, that in our evangelism we would put God always front and center, in first place