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Not Ashamed -- Melissa Fam

Melissa Fam, one of our many unsung heroes who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the church rebuilding project, shares with Neo Yi Ling on the encouragement she has received from her involvement in the rebuilding project and how it has challenged her to be not ashamed of the gospel. 

Melissa FamMelissa with Joshua and Kong

1. What was your role in the church rebuilding project?

I first got involved in the rebuilding project in mid-2013, before the decision to rebuild was put before the church. I was part of a small EC-CC task force formed to help the congregational leadership gather information for their decision-making process. I was tasked to survey the needs of the church for ministry and fellowship, to help formulate space requirements for the preliminary design of the new building.

After the vote, I was roped into the Fundraising Committee. We met regularly to pray for those who had made faith pledges, and coordinated fundraising efforts. I was also part of the Communications Sub-Committee, and helped to update the rebuilding webpage monthly.

2. What was one challenge that arose, which redefined your perspective of the rebuilding project?

The most challenging aspect of this journey was at the beginning: praying for the conviction and clear rationale for the need to rebuild. I found it difficult to discern whether this was what God wanted for our church. I suspect other members had similar struggles. Even on the day of the vote, I couldn’t sense if we were going to get the project off the ground. Ultimately, while there were many practical reasons for the rebuilding, God gave me the conviction that this project was a journey of faith. I didn’t have the answers to all my questions before the vote; I wasn’t able to predict how these changes were going to affect our community at that time or in the future when the building was ready. I simply had to trust in His timing and follow His lead.

3. How has the experience of working on the rebuilding project encouraged you?

I have been very encouraged by how many members of the church rallied together to help with the fundraising efforts in the last 22 months: individuals such as Aunty Yoke Meng who faithfully fed us kueh every week; youths and young adults who organised bake sales; cooks who prepared the fellowship dinners; individuals who rendered services like art classes and cleaning services; members who produced the second Reformation Concert and the Singing God’s Love album. It wasn’t about how much money they were able to raise, but about bringing people in the community together and blessing them with the talents that God has gifted them.

4. How has the rebuilding project challenged you personally to be unashamed of the gospel?

Seeing how God had started the project and seen it through to its completion in spite of the challenges gives me confidence that the same powerful God is also at work in my life. I am humbled by and thankful for what God can do through us – with our quirks and flaws. So many have given sacrificially, in faith and out of gratitude for what God has done. This is the fruit of the gospel – a transformation of our lives through the gospel with the love of Jesus Christ.

5. What is your hope for GBC now that we have moved back to Mattar Road?

For families (with an active toddler) such as mine, it can be a struggle fellowshipping with other members on a Sunday afternoon. I was really encouraged by brothers and sisters in Christ who, with great understanding of these constraints, made extra effort to meet us at home or invite us over for a meal, to see how we were doing and keep us accountable. It is my prayer and hope that with the additional “convenience” of having our own building, we will not stop these intentional efforts to meet up, minister to one another, and share the gospel with those who have yet to hear it.


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