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Not Ashamed -- Caleb & Lianna -- GBC Youth Taking a Stand

In line with our theme on being Not Ashamed of the Gospel, our youth members, Caleb Lee and Lianna Chan, speak up on what the Gospel means to them personally and how they have experienced the power of the Gospel in their individual lives. 

Caleb & Lianna web

We pray alongside Lianna Chan (second from left) and Caleb Lee (fifth from left) as they strive to continue to be not ashamed of the Gospel no matter where they are or who they are with.

How did you come to know the Lord Jesus?

Caleb: I was brought to GBC by my parents since young. At children's church, I got to hear the many stories of the Bible and there, I got to hear the stories of Jesus. While I prayed the sinner’s prayer as a young kid, I don’t think I fully understood what it meant. I would say that it was only last year when I really began to have an interest in reading the Bible, and had a genuine desire to learn more about Jesus in God’s Word.

Lianna: I was born into a Christian family, and I’ve always attended church and Christian schools. However, it was only recently that I realised that the Gospel was not an obscure and faraway story, but is relevant and real – it is meant for me, a struggling sinner.

What does the Gospel mean to you?

Caleb: As I hear God's salvation plan for me, it really challenges me in how I should respond to it, ie to live a holy life and proclaim the Gospel.

Lianna: The Gospel to me is what God has done for us sinners, and how we should respond to it. It is shown from different perspectives on different aspects, with the sole intent of helping us understand just how great a God He is, and just how merciful and gracious He is to pardon us and send His only Son to die for our sins. It is something for us to hold on to, and proof that God keeps his promises to us and will save us.

How have you experienced the power of the Gospel in your life?

Caleb: I have experienced the power of the Gospel when I see God's plan slowly unfolding before me, eg when a brother serves another brother. It reminds me that God is working His plan bit by bit through His people, and I can be confident that God will completely fulfill His plan one day. Therefore, when trials come my way, I have fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (and the truths of the Bible) to support me. For example, last year was quite a stressful period for me as I was juggling preparation for my O levels and rehearsal for the reformation concert. An older brother in Christ walked alongside me then, encouraging me and reading the book of Ephesians with me.

Lianna: No matter how many times I had turned away and no matter how far I had gone, God has always been here for me, and I have found peace in this. :) I have also experienced the power of the Gospel through people around me, who remind me to turn to God – this is also my reminder that He is always here for me.

What does it mean to be not ashamed of the Gospel?

Caleb: It means to be confident in proclaiming the faith we profess regardless of the circumstance, environment or outcome, eg being open to sharing my faith in school regardless of how my social status in school may be affected or how my unbelieving friends may respond to it.

Lianna: To be not ashamed is to live just for God, and not for myself or Man.


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