New Sermon Series : Not Ashamed of the Gospel

In 2017, Grace Baptist Church will begin a new teaching series entitled, Not Ashamed: Studies in the Book of Acts.

The Book of Acts is the sequel to (or consequence of) Luke’s record of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In carefully recording the first years after Jesus death from his experiences, Luke wanted to faithfully and carefully record how the news of His resurrection spread and turned the world upside down. There is no more prominent theme in the book of Acts than the dramatic spread of the Gospel. In other words, the stories contained in Acts record how God’s grace quickly flooded out of the hearts of believers into the streets and marketplaces of the world.

At Grace, we want to be more than storehouses of Bible knowledge. Though we are grateful, we are not satisfied with simply knowing the content of the Gospel. We want to be faithful stewards of the Gospel; to be men and women who exist for a purpose: to spread the grace of God found in this good news!"

Come join us as we shape our hearts by His Word and equip ourselves to be ambassadors of His Good News.

For those who would like to read up and perhaps pray for our pastors as they prepare their sermons, here is the sermon schedule for January 2017:

 New Sermon Series : Not Ashamed



 Sermon Title 

 Sermon Text

 1 Jan

Pastor Ian

Purpose in Trouble 

Psalm 46:1-11

 8 Jan

Pastor Ian 

The Mystery Revealed 

Luke 24:36-49/Romans 1:16 

 15 Jan

 Pastor Oliver

The Continual Acts of Jesus Christ 

 Acts 1:1-5 

 22 Jan 

Pastor Ian 

(When Everything is Crazy) Trust and Obey” 

Acts 1:6-26 

 29 Jan

Pastor Oliver

Jesus Returns 

Acts 2:1-41