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New Ministry Support Staff

Pastor Ian shares with us the wonderful news of Samuel Beh joining GBC as a ministry support staff. 

This past week, America's national team won a fourth place finish at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In actual fact, the American team has taken first place in the last two Mathematical Olympiads. This is a stunning turnabout for a national team that had become accustomed to languishing in the bottom half of the 110-team tournament. According to team members, their recent success was not because they are brighter than the other competitors, it was because their coach is the best they have ever known. Their coach is Dr Loh Poh Shen, son of immigrants from Singapore. (See more here)

This story is just one example of how in its drive to produce the very best at home, Singapore is beginning to bless the world! 

I believe God is in the process of doing the same kind of amazing work within Grace Baptist Church. In our very midst, He has been producing His very best: young men and women of extraordinary gifting and capacity. And increasingly, His very best are considering how they might give their very best back to Him.

In this regard, I am especially delighted to announce that this past Sunday—as a part of our GBC Pastor Development Initiative (PDI)—the Elders unanimously affirmed a recommendation to hire Samuel Beh as ministry support staff. 

Here are some further details about this initiative as it relates specifically to Sam:

  • The contract will be for one year. At the end of that year, the elders will meet with Sam to jointly evaluate his experience. If at that time the experience has been positive for all parties and Jessica and Sam continue to feel called to serve the Lord in and through GBC, we will then bring his name to the Body of Christ and vote to issue a call for him to formally join our Pastoral Ministry Team.
  • Sam’s role while serving as ministry support staff will include the following:
    1. Build a team that will disciple unbelieving youth into faith, and grow believing youth deep in Christ and His Word.
    2. Work with our Children’s Ministry Team to facilitate a family-friendly environment that shapes hearts and homes around God’s Word.
    3. Meet weekly with pastors and other ministry staff to evaluate, plan and calendar ministries.
  • In addition to this, about 30% of Sam’s time will be spent on interacting with a specific learning curriculum facilitated by Pastor Eugene which may then lead to formal professional development (seminary study).
  • Sam will begin serving in this capacity on the 14th of August.

Samuel-beh-family-webSamuel Beh with Jessica and their son Josiah.

I believe this is a sign of God’s increasing confidence in His church, and is something we ought to celebrate! I am praying that you will join me in thanksgiving that God would so willingly entrust us with stewardship of such extraordinary young lives. And I ask that you specifically seek ways to encourage Sam and Jess and love their growing family into the ministry shape that would bless nations and bring Christ glory!