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Ministry Focus: Grace News

Have you ever wondered how editions of Grace News come into existence? How and why are they produced, who is involved and what are the changes ahead? In his exclusive exposé Chan Kim Hoong lifts the curtain on this shadowy organisation, and reveals why its members are passionate about communication within the church.

Old grace news imageThe history of Grace News spans more than 15 years. In the early days it was simply a few photocopied black and white sheets of paper, folded together and inserted as part of the church bulletin. Someone has recalled that it then comprised mainly personal sharing and encouraging testimonies.

Over the years, as a result of using the services of commercial printing companies, we have been able to add photos, colours, graphics and illustrations. Content has also been given a facelift in terms of theme and coverage. All this was done with a single purpose in mind: to keep the church community at GBC informed of what's going on in church and to encourage one another by telling how the word of God can be lived out in community. This was what Paul did in his ministry, when for example he wrote to believers in Thessalonica or Colossae to update them on his well-being, encouraging and admonishing them because he cared for them (1 Thess 2:8).

Today, we are excited that we will be moving into a new phase as we work with the Comms team to bring Grace News digitally to GBC and beyond. All our newsletters and articles have been available on the GBC website since the launch of the revamped website in 2013, and we are now using the church’s online newsletter – Grace eNews – to bring our articles and event updates to you in a more timely and regular manner. In the long term, there is a plan to phase out the hardcopy newsletter entirely as most readers will eventually be on board the Grace eNews platform. So if you have not signed up for Grace eNews yet, sign up now at!

Despite the change, our hope for the newsletter remains the same: that the sharing and updates will continue to encourage and edify the church community and that when you read them, you will be encouraged and inspired to share your stories too. Good news refreshes the bones (Prov 15:30b). It is also our hope that when non-Christians read the newsletter they will see God’s many blessings and be excited to find out more.

Who makes up the current Grace News Team? We are just ordinary people worshipping in GBC serving either as writers, layout artists, editors or coordinators. We have one thing in common: we see the need to communicate to all in GBC what God has been doing in our midst. But we could not have done this without valuable guidance from our church leaders and the unwavering support of many church members, who though they are not part of the Grace News Team, have contributed much to the content and the overall finished work. We thank them for helping out in taking photos, providing illustrations, contributing articles and being interviewed. We extend our thanks to you too, our readers, for taking the trouble to read and give feedback. If you would like to be part of the team, please approach any of us or email us at We would be more than delighted to welcome you on board.

As you read Grace News, may you discover a wealth of blessings. But don’t just read it – get involved and be part of it too.

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This article also appears in the print copy of Grace News.