Making Sense of Hosea

As we continue through our sermon series in Hosea, there have been various questions asked on how to make sense and apply the message of an Old Testament prophet (like Hosea) to our current context.

Below are an article and two videos that you may find useful in trying to address some of the more commonly asked questions. And of course, if you continue to have questions, feel free to approach any of the Elders and Pastors for a chat!

What is the relationship between obedience and grace? Is it different in the Old and New Testaments?

Read this article by 9Marks entitled "The Whole in Our Holiness"

How do I make sense of the different covenants in the Old and New Testaments? Did God's people in the Old Testament relate to God differently from God's people in the New Testament?

What is the structure of the Book of Hosea?

How can I dive deeper into Hosea?

Gospel Coalition "Introduction to Hosea" Course