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Loving Someone Else’s Child

Pastor Ian shares an article that gives some practical ways that older women can serve the women in their lives.

We never dreamed that God would give us the unexpected joy of loving someone else’s child. Honestly, Sherri doesn’t spend a great deal of time in conversation with our boys. Our boys contact their mother when they have real practical needs.

“Do you know where my birth certificate is?” 

“Do you remember our address in California?”

“Can send me your recipe for lemon cheese cake?”

“Hey, when are you coming back to watch your grandson?”             

These questions are typical of the kinds of reasons our boys call their mother. But their wives? They call, just to talk. They call with no apparent reason aside from the God-given desire to be connected to a loving older woman who will listen and yes, who will even plant in them the seeds of wisdom that life and Providence have lent her. 

Earlier this week we were reminded by one of our ‘younger’ elders, that God in His mercy, continues to surprise older women with the unexpected opportunity to sacrificially love someone who belongs to Him, and who longs to have some faithful female voice in their lives. And this has reminded all of us of the critical role that older women still have in God’s church: the role of intentionally loving Someone Else’s child—even as they continue to raise and love their own. 

So this week we are giving away this space to Lisa Spence, who has written an article for the Gospel Coalition on how older women can continue to have a special, strengthening role in the life of His church. In this article, Lisa gives some practical ways that older women can respond to the exhortation of the Apostle Paul to live in a way that honors God, to teach others what is good, and to train younger women to love their husbands and their children (Titus 2:3-4; NLT). In summary, Lisa suggests that older women can: 

  • Be a Friend—Our world is full of absent, social media friends who connect with us only when they want to announce something ‘amazing’ that is going on in their lives (ie., “Having coffee in Bugis! #coffeerules!"). But—especially in today’s world of many disparate voices—true, loving friendships can be in short supply. And what we are hearing from our younger leaders, is that young women at GBC would love to have an older woman in their lives who notices them and who loves them enough to invest in them. 
  • Volunteer—When we serve one another, we give visible representation of the Master who threw a towel over His shoulder, stooped and washed His disciple’s feet. Older women at GBC might consider serving in our Nursery ministry and loving younger women by holding the babies they love. Or perhaps even offering real coffee (or tea) and real conversation. A few might even consider helping out in the Mum’s Connect Ministry, not just to care for the babies and toddlers that are brought, but to invest life-giving words into the hearts of the mums who brought them!
  • Teach—This a real radical thought. What if rather than maintaining an exclusive connection to one’s own demographic, one or two (or ten!) older women volunteer to lead one our YA ladies’ CGs? Not so that they could teach young women biblical knowledge, but simply so that they could share how they have applied biblical knowledge, with godly wisdom, to the complexities of life? Imagine the blessing that would bring to a young woman’s spiritual journey! 
  • Write—It would be such a blessing if more older women write out their personal Faith story and share it with others who are just beginning a similar journey. Younger women would be blessed to hear how older women learned to make choices that blessed their family and honoured God. They would be helped to hear of regrets and recovery, and of God’s tenacious grace in the wake of ‘mistakes’. Some might even consider a blog post on some of the unique pressures Christian women face. 

Lisa Spence and her husband have raised four young men. She lives in the United States, where she teaches a weekly Sunday School class in her church, leads a weekly women’s small group, and volunteers in a pregnancy centre in her community. Let me encourage you to read her full article, entitled Dear Older Women, here.


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