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Loving Our Neighbours


With the recent arrest of a Christian teenager who had been radicalized by extremist right wing sentiments online and planned an attack on local mosques, members from our pastoral team felt the need to reach out to our neighbours on Mattar Road. Together with our administrator Gideon Ooi, Pastor Ian and Pastor Oliver made an afternoon visit to Sallim Mattar Mosque to visit with mosque leaders.

In their visit, our pastors reassured our neighbours of the friendship and goodwill between our faith communities, and that the violent views espoused by the teenager in question did not represent the teachings of Jesus Christ and His followers at GBC. We continue to treasure and prize the precious peace and religious harmony that we enjoy in Singapore, and hope for the continued friendship and respect between our communities of faith.

On Facebook, Pastor Ian shared these comments “Pastor Ollie and I visiting our neighbours to express sorrow and regret for recent threats to the Muslim community. Peace is good for the gospel.”


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