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Living Holy, Holy, Holy Lives

seah-kah-yinBoth Seah Kah Yin and his wife Christine have been members of GBC since 1989. We invite Kah Yin to give a personal account of his own journey of faith. Encapsulated within are his motivations and challenges faced as he strives towards godly living.

"You ought to live holy and godly lives… make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with Him." (2 Pet 3:11b, 14b) In our current age, how then should we live?

The current age is a digital age. We are often bombarded with all kinds of information and advice for our physical, financial, emotional and even spiritual well-being.  We have very little face time to physically interact with one another, and also little response time. People are often impatient and they expect instant responses. Many people are glued to their handphones and computers. There are many ‘good things’ fighting for our attention, and these ‘good things’ may enslave us if we are not careful. Good things may even become our idols and cause us to miss out on what is truly good for our souls (Ps 19:7).

How we shall live will then depend on what we fill our mind with (Phil 4:8). I believe it is important to start my day on the right footing – having a personal quiet time with God. It is a personal habit of mine to wake up at five-plus in the morning (before anyone in my family) to do my quiet time. It is the best time of the day for me as it is quiet and free from any distraction. I believe that every Christian should make it a point to find his or her ‘best time’ to start the day with God.

For many years, Our Daily Bread and reading through half the Bible in a year have served as my daily devotional guide. It is a great privilege to address God as Heavenly Father, asking Him to speak to me through His word every morning. It is a tremendous blessing as the scripture will assure me of God’s power and love to face the daily issues at hand – I do not walk alone (Deut 20:1). I find it comforting to commit all issues of people, family, church, ministry and my own to God, knowing that He is the wisest (Isa 55:9) and He is in control of all things. Besides a personal time with God, I find that fellowship with Christians within my care group and Bible Study Fellowship group are also important to knowing God and myself in way that I cannot perceive on my own. This has helped me grow spiritually as I am very much ministered to (Heb 10:24-25).

What does it mean to live holy and godly lives distinct from the world? What are the challenges we will face, and how do we overcome them and live victoriously under God's mighty hands?

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your neighbour as yourself.” (Matt 22:37)  Most of us know this verse well. It is easily said but difficult to apply. I remember one morning when I was on my way to work, and I parked my car near an ATM to withdraw some money. On my way back, I overheard a man remarking sarcastically about my “very considerate parking”.  Oops, in my haste, I had not parked properly. Indeed, I had failed to love my neighbour. There are many instances where we fail to love our neighbours, such as being late for meeting, not putting in full effort, not helping out, and not keeping a place clean. These may seem minor but it definitely reveals the ugliness of our old selves – the self-centred life that we had once lived. The Holy Spirit will reveal to us our sin no matter how small it is, and it has to be dealt with if we are to live godly lives distinct from the world. It starts with small acts of godly behaviour.

In my workplace, I will keep to biblical principles and humbly address issues with my bosses where required. I am even prepared to resign from my job if things are clearly wrong and do not change (Eph 5:15-17). God is faithful and I am confident that He will provide and not leave me in a lurch (Prov 10:3).

In church, I may be requested to help in areas where I feel inadequate in. However, I believe that if it is God's calling, He will provide the needed help to get it done (Ps 121:3). It is so easy to say no to a request, giving excuses such as being busy, having no time, or that there are better and more qualified people. I believe in being available for God’s work and not ignoring any call for help (Prov 3:27), as long as God is glorified and that the people whom I serve are ministered to. I don't have to have things go my way (that’s pride) – His way is more important. 

I know many non-Christians who are nice, gentle and caring, and I also know many Christians who are demanding and nasty. It is not a matter of trying harder, being nicer or outdoing non-Christians. We will never be good enough until the day we meet God face to face. We are all work in progress. Am I alone? No (Isa 41:10). Do I grow weary and give up? No (Gal 6:9). Fully trusting that God is sovereign and merciful will help us live victoriously.