Know Your Leaders: Elder Tan Chong Tien


1. Introduce yourself to our blog readers - what do you do for a living, and tell us a bit about your family members.
I first came to Singapore and worked as a medical officer with the Ministry of Health in 1978. I underwent post-graduate training and became qualified as an orthopaedic surgeon in early 80's and served in a number of government hospitals. Presently, I am working as an orthopaedic surgeon in private practice. I am married to Lim Cheng See and we have one daughter and one son. Both are married and we have four grandchildren. We all stay under one roof.

2. Share with us what you understand by your responsibilities as an elder/pastor of the flock.
I was elected to join the Elders Board in 2010. The main role of elder is teaching, praying and caring for God's people. We are also to sense God's direction for the church and be watchful against false teachings. Building relationships with a cross-section of members is also very important as a way of showing love and promoting unity.

3. How did you come to Christ (your conversion) and how did you come to join Grace Baptist Church?
I came to know the Lord during my high school days in Penang. I accepted Christ at the age of 14 during a school Bible camp. However during my university years in Melbourne, I was basseted with doubts and only after a few years of honest searching was my faith gradually strengthened. I started worshiping in Grace Baptist Church in 1979 being introduced to the church by my sister and brother-in-law. The pulpit teaching at GBC was Bible-centred and the care group that I joined helped me and my family to settle down in the church. Opportunities were also opened for me and my wife to serve in Sunday school, the care group ministry and missions committee. I also served as a deacon for a number of years in the 90s.

tanchongtien family

4. Could you share with us one of your greatest joys and one of your greatest challenges as spiritual leader of the church?
The challenge ahead is to help members of GBC to grow in discipleship and devotion to Jesus Christ. Leaders from both Chinese and English congregations have recently adopted the common vision of GBC being a disciple making church that transforms lives with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

5. The Bible tells us to honor our leaders. In that light, how can we pray for you and encourage you meaningfully?
I have great joy in seeing quite a number of young people who come to know the Lord through the witnessing of church members and are growing in the Lord. Towards that end, the pastors and elders are working very hard. Do pray for us that we will have God's wisdom and strength to be his faithful servants.