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Know Your Leaders - Elder Associate Samuel Beh

Elder Associate Samuel Beh gives us a peek into his personal and ministry life while sharing the challenges that he faces.


sam-beh-family-photo1. Could you introduce yourself to our readers – for example what you do for a living, and tell us a bit about your family members.


Hi all, I’m married to Jess and we have two sons, Josiah (2 years old) and Ezra (6 months). I am currently working as a ministry support staff at Grace Baptist Church!


2. Please share with us what you understand your role to be as an elder associate of the church.


The elder associate role provides us with opportunities to learn and to contribute. We learn by sitting in during the leadership meetings to get insight into how a church is run and to understand the day-to-day responsibilities of being an elder. Through these experiences, and feedback from the elders, we can also think about whether being an elder in the future is the right shape for us. In addition to learning, we also get the chance to shape how the church is run, and members are shepherded by providing different lines of sights during meetings.


3. How did you come to Christ (your conversion) and how did you come to join Grace Baptist Church?


I grew up at Grace Baptist Church, but it was only when I was about 16 or 17 years old that I would consider myself as putting my faith in Christ. Before then, I had been going through the motions that I have come to realise are typical for a second-generation believer, and didn’t put much thought into why I was going to church and didn't call myself a Christian.

So at 16 or 17, I set out to find out whether Christianity was the real deal, and whether I wanted to commit to the faith. Needless to say, the evidence I found was extremely compelling, especially evidence for Jesus’ death and resurrection, as well as the authenticity of the Bible. Since then, my journey in Christ hasn’t always been smooth-sailing, but I can look back and attest to God’s faithfulness.

4. Tell us something about yourself that many members do not know.

I can’t really think of something about myself, but I can share (based on second-hand sources) that the largest thing a blue whale can swallow is a grapefruit.

5. Could you share with us one of your greatest joys and one of your greatest challenges as a spiritual leader of the church?

Jess and I currently lead the youth ministry together with Aaron, Matthew, Shermaine, Priscilla, Gloria and Juslyn. One of my favourite moments during the week is during our weekly youth group sessions, when we’ve broken up into small groups in the room and each of our leaders is guiding discussions with the youth about the Bible. I thank God for the privilege to see this group of faithful co-workers so passionately and diligently allowing God to use them to clarify and model His word.

A challenge that Jess and I are facing in our ministry is in learning how to juggle work with ministry and family. With both of us working full-time jobs, the time we have with Josiah and Ezra is limited, and so trying to integrate our family time with our ministry is something that has been a challenge for us.

6. The Bible tells us to honour our leaders. In that light, how can we pray for you and encourage you meaningfully?

Our family is in the middle of a season of quite a bit of change. In the past year, both Jess and I changed jobs, Ezra was born, and we moved into our new house! It’s been really exciting, but also rather tiring for us as we’ve had to constantly adapt and get used to different routines and so on. We would appreciate prayer for both strength and wisdom as we juggle work, ministry and family commitments. Also, I’m currently on a one-year contract as a ministry support staff at GBC, so prayer for wisdom as we talk to the leaders about our next steps would be much appreciated too!