Just Checking

Pastor Ian encourages us to check our hearts.

One night, when I was still a child I remember waking up to a familiar silhouette, framed in my bedroom doorway. I immediately knew who it was. “Mum?”  

She responded, “Just checking, Dear.” And then I went to sleep.  

It’s what a mother does. Even when there is no reason to worry. Even when a child is safely in his or her bed, it is a mother’s compulsion to check on those she loves. It is not that a mother is inordinately anxious; she is just 'being sure'.  

It is what a student does the day before an exam. She knows the material, but goes over her flash cards nevertheless. Just to be sure. It is what a man does just before he changes lanes. He checks his blind spot. Not that he is driving with anxiety; he is just being sure. Better safe, than sorry.  

In 1 John, the old Apostle is writing a persecuted but persistent church. He is not anxious. He is simply being sure… that they are sure. He is just checking. This Sunday, as we gather together to respond to God’s Word, we will worship the God who gives blessed assurance. And we will discover how we can be sure in an uncertain age.  

Let me encourage you check your heart this week by reading Psalm 121:1-8!  

Prayer this week:

  • Let’s give the Lord thanksgiving for the many new members He has brought to our church and for the way they are already beginning to demonstrate the joy of serving Him!
  • Let’s celebrate that God has given us the heart and the resources to show mercy in the name of Christ. Give thanks, that because of the faithful stewardship of God’s people, we were able to give $20,000 to relieve the suffering of the victims of recent earthquakes in Lombok and Palu. Continue to pray for our missionaries, Ping and Heidi who are representing the compassion of Christ in their service there.
  • Let’s grieve with those who grieve. For Carrie (and Kai Mun) over the passing of her father, and for Annie Set and her family, over the passing of her grandmother. Thank God for the comfort of knowing they were both ushered into the presence of the One they loved and served!
  • Let’s pray for those who are struggling with discouragement or doubt, that they would sense the intimate presence of the God who assures and strengthens.


Announcements this week:

  • Remember this week we will have two offerings. The red bag is for giving to our general ministry budget, the blue bag is for the support of the spread of gospel beyond our doors (missions).
  • Please consider loving our neighbours across the road by joining the team that is meeting 20 October, from 9 am to 1 pm, to help Gladiolus Place clean and de-clutter in preparation for the arrival of new staff.
  • All GBC members—especially those who do not yet have tickets for our Grace that Sings concert—are encouraged to attend the preview concert, 21 October at 2 pm.